Menu Technical issues + others

I want to bring up some technical issues (may have been brought up already) in the menu system.

Audio settings : Team and Party
If I’m playing Slayer and I am in a party with 3 friends. We search for a game and it finds us 4 players and they load in with us for map voting. During map voting I can NOT hear the other team and they cannot hear me, The way Team and Party is supposed to work. We play the game and when its over everyone can hear everyone on either team, NOT the way Team and Party is supposed to work. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THE OTHER TEAM. That’s what the Team and Party setting is for. So I don’t have to listen to a bunch of kids running their mouths and whining about the game. I just want to communicate with people on my team and my friends. In Reach and Halo 3 this feature works just fine. The game ends and no matter what if the other team does not back out and we all stay to play each other again I can never hear them.

Party host for a team: Host cannot back their team out after he/she has voted for a map:
This one I kind of understand, but it still screws you if you’re not careful.
If you are the host of your team and launch the search for a game and the map voting is up and you, the host vote for a map, at that point you cannot back your team out. Every reason we usually have is some stepped away to hit the restroom or the like.
Example: Bro1 – “dude, back us out I need to get a drink!”
Bro2 (host for team) – “bro, I just voted for the map it won’t let me back out, WTF?!”
Or the other lameness. You are playing with a party of 3:
Bro1 – “dude, back out. Bro4 just got on line!”
Bro2 –“sorry brah, just voted for the map cant back out”

The reason I kind of get this has to do with the next issue.

Victory, you win cause its 4 vs NO ONE
After a match your team stays in the room waiting for the next game to start. The other team leaves, either one by one or all at once during or before the map voting. Instead of the game recognizing that there is no one on the other team. It launches……sit… wait for launch screen…. Woo Hoo, Victory!.. sit, wait for more load out end of game screen…… sit, wait for stats and XP of 0.
I know that join in progress is new to Halo 4. I think its great for a team that loses a player during the game and they get someone to fill in pretty fast, but this launching 4 vs 0 or 4 vs 2 is no good. I have had games launch 4 vs 2 and the other team of 2 never get 2 more and we play out the whole game. The game should always fill both team before launching. I know, I know, other FPS games that have join in progress will launch lopsided but Halo has never been this way and its kinda broken.

Control of how many players are in your party
If you are hosting a room for matchmaking or custom games and the room is set to the following settings:
Invite Only
Max players – 16
For this example let’s say we’re playing customs and we want to play 4 vs 4 and want to now lock the room at Max players – 8. You can’t do it. It stays at 16. You can go to the roster and scroll left and right and change the number to 8 but it doesn’t take effect. It just goes back to 16. You cant do anything. The only way to make it a Max player room of 8 is to back out, have no one in your room, set it to 8 then re-invite people to your room. This is broken of course as in all other Halo games you could change the max party size any time you wanted which is how it should work. If you want to bump it to 10 for some 5 vs 5, done right. Not the way the menu works now.

Rank broken and cannot join or be joined
I have seen threads for this already but if I’m going all in on the technical stuff I can’t leave this out.
This has happened to me 3 times but only for a couple hours at the longest time. I have a friend that is having this problem and has for 4+ days now.
You load up the game and get to the menu. In the roster it shows you with a rank of 1. If you press Start you can see you rank and progress at SR56 (or whatever you are), but in the roster you’re a rank of one. You cannot join any friends and no one can join you. You have no load outs, just SR1 load outs. There is a message at the bottom of the screen that tells you the Halo 4 servers are unavailable. If you look at the play lists there are about 200+ people total playing Halo 4 and the playlist is limited to the basics that launched with the game, none of the new playlists. Mine eventually came back after booting the game a few times but the friend that is really stuck has been doing everything. One issue though is that our only tech support is to call Xbox Live when something like this happens and they send you on a long list of how to fix from a manual as if they are telling you to push Ctrl+Alt+Delete for a good old windows reboot. This is not an Xbox Live problem! It’s a 343 server problem. If I try and go to my friends list and look at his stats right now it spins for a while then gives me an error.

This I feel is the biggest issue of them all. 343 needs to give more tech support on this than posting up in forums. And if this is the only way to communicate this, fix this before you fix some wall glitch that some kid found and is abusing. Not being able to even get the game to play is a big deal.

Wheeew, ok rant off. Thanks for reading 343. Please reply on this and at least let me know you understand. If you need more detail on the menu party issues Ill give more info as its needed.

Long story short, they shipped us an unfinished game.

So nothing yet on these menu issues? The Mute and setting up party items are the worst. What is going on?