Menu music reset

I love the music of this game, especially the menu music. Now the only instance I can hear it is when I start the game. I know this seems like nitpicking at first, but hear me out.

When a match ends the postgame music starts, and while this music feels good as a victory tune, you can’t get rid of it, ever. And it gets annoying fast, even my gf hates it.

I think the postgame music should go away when you’re done looking at your stats, or at least when you back out of the lobby. So you can chill in customization for example, with actual Halo music.

What’s the point of creating a 10 min music loop that come in different parts but having us listening to the postgame music until we turn the game off?

Yes this needs to change, its -Yoink!- annoying i agree

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  1. Hit start
  2. Open the credits
  3. Close the credits

This will reset the music to the campaign music, even when you are searching for a game (you have to be searching since the MP music will play again if you hit search). The music plays randomly so repeat the steps to get a different song.

Songs included: Escharum, Silent Auditorium, Palace Arrival, The Endless, The Road, Zeta Halo (very low chance of playing, usually only after a hard reset).

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Awesome tip, thanks!

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No problem, Spartan.