Menu Improvements.

So, I’ve really got no issue with the menus in this game, but I feel like really small improvements could make a difference.

I have about 120 helms unlocked and about the same amount of armor unlocked. I like switching it up every now and then and I have a few key favorites. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Can we get like a favorites tab or a hide option? Custom save slots so we can swap quickly or something? It’s quite a task to go through every single armor/helm and I can only imagine it’ll get even more crazy as I unlock more.

I feel like everyone would benefit from this change

A favorite list for both the armour and load outs.

There have been a lot of threads on this before.

the ui just sucks in this game. everything. there are so many flaws. I can’t sell x reqs I have to sell them 1 by 1.
I have to scroll through 200 helmets and armors when customizing my spartan.
I see no names in the pre-game lobby only stupid emblems etc
The only good thing about the ui is the music really.

These issues have been bought up PLENTY of times in the past, but i highly doubt that this is going to happen. Most likely, 343 will say ''We’ll have ‘x’ person look into this" like they did the batch selling for reqs, but it never happened.

Halo 5 has one of the worst U.I.'s in a game for a while, or the worst that I’ve run into. They’ve done so little to fixit, and starting with Post-Game Stats was a good start,but why was it stopped after that? Update one part of the U.I., but not the rest? Smh 343