Mendicant Bias

One of my all time favourite Halo characters in Mendicant Bias and it got me thinking about what his role could be in the future of Halo. Since Mendicant essentially feels bad for what he did to the Forerunners and wants to redeem himself, could we see him return in Halo 6 to fight off Cortana and The Warden? Or do you think he would join them? Surely he knows what is going on with Cortana if he still has any connection at all to the Domain whatsoever.

What are your thoughts? We will we Mendicant return?

As much as I’d love to actually meet his character, he probably wouldn’t appear until the flood return.

I would also like to see him in the game, and I hope he will appear in Halo 6.
My theory is that he will try to help Cortana, why she should not betray his Creators, and while he doing so, there would be a flashback about what he had done, how he betrayed the Forerunners. At the end he would warn Cortana that the Didact won’t let her to hold the Mantle of Responsibility since she also capable to betray his Creators (actually that’s what happening ) but not only the Didact the problem but the Flood too coming.
I think it’d be interesting if there would be a fight where everyone against everyone (like FFA but the Humans would fight alongside with the Sangheilies), but maybe that would be untraceable or too messed up so either a little part of the game about this or nothing at all. But if it happen then other Forerunners should return, and they would convince the Didact and Cortana to make an allience with Humans and Elites to defeat the Flood, since this is the only way to keep the galaxy save.

I thought he would appear in Halo 5, but he didn’t. I wish to see him in Halo 6 against Cortana

Hello there, I also like Mendicant Bias a lot, i think he is a great character but also kind of forgoten, i have read a lot of theories through the forums, and i also like to shere mine. I also hope for Mendicant Bias to appear in some point, i just hope, but not as a enemy but more like the only hope for Humanity to stop Cortana, the history of Cortana is already told, the most powerful A.I. turn against her Creators believing is for the greater good. Just like Mendicant Bias did thousands of years ago. The difference, Mendicant Bias was defeated and fragmented to be studied, actually is only known 2 locations for Mendicant Bias, the Forerunner Dreadnought and the Ark where is his symbolic tomb. in Halo 3 both fragments were reunited and Mendicant help Chief to scape and stop the Flood. All of this for Atonement. Now a kind of Rampant Cortana and an army of Human A.I.'s are trying to rule the Galaxy under the Mantle of Responsability which is a imperial peace, a peace by force, so how Chief, the Spartans, the Infinity are going to stop this Halo Universe Rise of the Machines? The answer, just one of so many theories, they will search for Mendicant Bias, the most powerful A.I. in the Galaxy, retrieving his fragments and with him stop Cortana, Why? He won’t take the side of the Created and Cortana, he knows the Mantle, he knows how it was the Forerunner Ecumene, he already beatrayed his creators leading to the Fire of the Halos, and now he won’t make the same mistake and fight for Humanity, the True Heirs of the Forerunners, the True Raclaimers. Some peaople say Cortana would fire the Halo Rings, but i don’t think so, she is following the Mantle, and the Halos as the Forerunners knew and all of them the Didact, the Halos are the biggest crime against the Mantle, because they wipe down all life complex enough to have a nervious system, the Didact never approve of the Halo Array, that’s why is really hard to see Cortana trying to use the Halos. And is really unlikely that the Flood return, the Gravemind was in the Ark in the moment the Installation 04-B was fired and damaged the Ark, so probably the Flood will not return. Just my personal opinion and interpretations of everything with Mendicant Bias. Anyway I just hope to see him in the Halo games, learn more about his history, and see him in action, that would be really awesome, but just that, theories and a little hope.

It would be interesting to have Mendicant Bias in the story now, either as Cortana’s ally or enemy… Depends on who should have the Mantle, according to him.

Considering where the story goes, I think it’s likely that we will get some mendicant in the future.

In 6 we will probably end up going to the Ark to get his help, he will tell us about the logic plague and Cortana probably has it.