Memories of Reach what do you want to see

With the new update memories of reach coming next month what would you like to see return? For me it’s the falcon

The falcon would be awesome to have, (could you imagine the damage it could do on months?) besides that I would say infection.

grenade launcher

Armor customization would be nice

Falcon, grenade launcger, infection, the Spire map, Boneyard map ( I think that’s what it’s called), Sword Base map, Paradiso for btb and the forge world forge canvas.

I want the EOD armor. Especially the helmet.

Revenant, falcon and Emile’s helmet.

Rule number 1 for expectations.
Drop it, just do it. It is almost truth that you will be disappointed.

falcon PUNCH! haha. No seriously the falcon would be a awesome addition. Think of the ownage a oni falcon would do. :smiley:

I would like to download community forge maps

PROPIPE and headhunter game type.

Game mode:

-Custom Options: Choose how may phases there are and what game mode each phase is
-No REQs

-Grenade launcher
-Concussion Rifle
-Plasma Launcher


Weapon skins:
-Battle worn: Dirty, scratched, bloody, dented and so forth skins for all the loadout wepaons.

Armor skins:
-For variants that are of pre-gen 2, battle worn, scratched, worn paint, dented, cracked visors.

Falcon, Grenade Launcher, and Revenant. Mostly the Falcon though, it’s so perfect. I just hope 343 don’t ruin it somehow.


> 2533274923675030;14:
> falcon!

also red and blue flame effects!

For me it would be:

-Grenade Launcher
-Focus Rifle
-Spire and Boneyard maps
-Invasion Gametype
-Playable Elites (Wishful thinking, but to me, necessary for Invasion)
-Mark V and CQB armor/helmets.

You said it OP, Falcon for the win!

Grenade launcher, and a GOOD Noble 6 armor.

The MA37 and the falcon.