Memories of Reach Update

Since the Memories of Reach Update, the game freezes every single time when somebody leaves. This is frustrating because, in those frozen seconds, a lot can happen. A couple months ago when I was playing the h3 throwback, a player left and my game froze, which lead to me getting noob combod. This is ridiculous, as the only reason I got killed was because of a player leaving.

A lot of the time, even after the game, it freezes for no apparent reason and I’m left sitting there for who knows how long, until I dashboard and reset. It’s a constant problem that annoys my friends and I. This really discourages me from playing halo 5 anymore because of all the bugs and glitches that should be patched but aren’t. This glitch shouldn’t even be a thing because the Memories of Reach update launched about a year ago.

343, please patch this, as it is frustrating and annoying to deal with. Also, please fix theatre, it’s been long overdue since the release of the game.

It seems like it is an issue with whatever update fixed the Scoreboard UI. Basically there was a huge frame dropping issue in games on Forge maps that when pulling up the Scoreboard would cause the game to slow to a complete crawl.

They fixed it in an update but this update or the one immediately after introduced the “player quit screen freeze” issue. The game doesn’t freeze, as it’s still running and you can still move and play. It’s that the engine stops rendering new frames to the screen for a few (2-5) seconds. The Overtime update then exacerbated this even further so it freezes for literally 4-7 seconds now.

This also is when the Lobby UI started freezing after closing Carnage reports after matches. The audio would start and stop multiple times and fix itself after a minute, but now since Overtime the game just hard freezes requiring a game reset.

Updates since the initial problems has just made minor issues act up worse and worse. It sucks and it IS frustrating.

Hi just wanted to let everyone know that you can still access the Memories of reach req packs it is in the link bellow
You’ll need to have an account for the xbox store (you should have already known that)
It will cost $10 or $13
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> You will be taken to twitter and there should be the link that will take you to the xbox store and you should be able to get the MEMORIES OF REACH REQ PACK
> and then go to halo waypoint