I’m so excited for this update I’m hoping we get a reach map, all noble amour and a old reach weapon CANT WAIT!!!.

Falcon doe.

Ha I made a thread of this like 7 minutes ago.

Forge world confirmed

343 = God confirmed

I’m hoping they add in the Grenade launcher back in

I am mostly excited about Ghosts of meridian and June to be honest. Ghosts will definitely have infection and more gametypes and be a huge expansion for Warzone, while Hammer was an expansion for arena mainly.
Memories of Reach will definitely have more armour sets than any other update. I would expect many Req’s for that which include all of Noble team’s armour apart from Carter’s and Noble six’s
New skins
new emblems
new reach styled assassination and new unique assassination
old reach weapon with its variants
2 stances
1 gametype maybe
4v4 or btb remade map
warzone assault or warzone map
falcon as rare req with 2 variants like oni falcon and whatever

This update is already overhyped. 343 don’t even need to make a trailer. Just release it when ready. Everybody will know anyway.

Alllll the weapons and vehicles from Reach needs to appear in this update

Needle Rifle, need to break the shield first so 343 could make it the same REQ level as the Carbine.
Focus Rifle, can’t headshot but is lethal in the right hands, great for suppressive fire, maybe REQ level 4 or 5
Plasma Repeater, can be manually vented and can fire for considerably longer than the storm can. Slowly loses fire rate as it heats up but essentially can fire forever. Looks nice too.
Plasma launcher, fun little thing on larger maps, could lock on to everything.
Concussion Rifle, prefer it so much more than the caster, fun to bounce vehicles and players around with it.
Plasma Rifle, the iconic Sangheili weapon just disappears, it needs to come back, make it as accurate as it was in H2A but as powerful as it was in Reach or HaloCE with the stun effect, being able to thrust can get players out of the stun soooo.
Spiker, first featured in H3 but looked so much better in Reach. Plus since the hammer returned maybe the rest of the brute sandbox could come back?
Grenade Launcher, fun in my opinion.
The old Shotgun, I miss the appearance of the old shotgun
The original DMR

Revenant, more armoured than the ghost, not as powerful as the wraith.
Falcon, both machine gun and grenade launcher variants should appear
The reach Banshee, I kinda prefer the appearance of it, could keep its speed, reduce its banshee bomb power (longer recharge or smaller blast radius) and give it lower armour since it’s so fast.

Boardwalk, Countdown, powerhouse, Tempest ect ect Oh FORGE WORLD

Emile’s scratched up helmet! Yes plz!
Also Mk V …it’s gotta happen!!

Introduction of the Falcon from Reach is an absolute must. It’s the WartHog of the skies.

It it would also be nice if they allowed us to individually equip left and right shoulders so we could have more options for armors. Every Halo before 343 came allowed for that and I miss it. It allowed for some really cool combinations of armor. PLEASE bring it back.

Please also give us Emiles Scratched Visr, Kats metal arm prosthetic and the awesome Reach invasion maps would be cool.

> 2533274883994189;5:
> I’m hoping they add in the Grenade launcher back in

You and me both. That weapon is like the best thing in Reach. I wonder though if it would still have the primed EMP effect

> 2533274883994189;5:
> I’m hoping they add in the Grenade launcher back in

The grenade launcher was sooo much fun.

I can’t wait for what map 343 will do hopefully a warzone or arena map on Reach itself

I just think it’s amazing how Reach, a game not even part of the original trilogy, became the standard for all Halo games! I loved Reach!

I want Hemorrhage, Boneyard, Paradiso and that other forge BTB map on top of the cliffs with the two bases. I’d love Spire to return but wouldn’t be as fun without jetpacks

additonally, BTB should include: Assault, One Bomb Assault and Neutral Assault as well as One Flag CTF game options.

The Falcon or Hornet or whichever the name of the Reach vehicle was. So many great times on Assault and CTF with those air troop transports.

Halo Reach had the best BTB action, it was total carnage.

New warzone map based off of the Sabre Launch Station from the mission Long Night of Solace

I would love if they brought back Reflection for Arena and Boneyard for Warzone. Wuld b gud.

any idea on a release date??

> 2533274856204101;2:
> Falcon doe.


spire map would be great