Memories of Reach Update -- Opening 19 Gold Packs

Want to see all the new reqs, armor, and weapon skins? Well just watch the video below! Enjoy as I open 19 gold packs!! Woo hoo!!

What's Up Okraheads! Halo Okraheads here (Onyx) bringing you a new YouTube Channel (Halo Okraheads Halo 5 Guardians) featuring Halo 5! Can't wait to share great gameplay and tips along the way! First video is out! I love Slayer and mainly play that! I usually play solo, which is super challenging in Halo 5. Enjoy!

Focus of Channel (Halo Okraheads Halo 5 Guardians):
Slayer Gameplay
Gameplay Tips
Solo Slayer Gameplay
And more Slayer!

Yea let me enjoy watching someone else open req packs that i can open when i get home! Still at work smh. I want to get home and spend my 200k reqs already :frowning:

Did that myself so I’m not gonna watch it. Did you get the dmr and smg? Lot’s of folks didn’t