Si, memories of Reach i just around the corner, and i’d like to say: you did 343!. I’m loving the noble armor sets and i’m ready to where them, plus infection will be an incredible add to the game.

So, that said, i’d like to ask something: PLEASE bring back the black undersuits. I know this threat had been post before and there is no secret that a great part of the community wants it. I just saw the news section here on waypoint, and seeing Emile’s armor looking good was mainly because of it. I know you guys are not blind and decided to make the costumization very shot handed due to your pursuit of getting us to know the req system (which, wherever is was right or wrong it was done and there’s nothing to do about it) wish was something new for all of the halo players out there. But I know that even you, as headers of the universe we love, you know that making our spartan the most iconic figure as possible is one of the ultimate goals as halo players so, i think you should bring them back. Give us some more options to be unique on the battlefield.

Now, if you are actually working on it, don’t just bring the black undersuit, make the other undersuits that we’ve seen in the campaing as well, Locke and Buck have some incredible detailed undersuits, and I think that with memories of reach you’ll introduce the higher number of armor serts to date, why not making it the most memorable update by adding some other costumization aspect?

wish they add falcons, revenants and other stuff from reach they still don’t have.