Memorable moments in FF?

The map was Crater (at night), it was the chieftain round…
I had just finished headshotting a jackal, and calmly turned left, to watch the other stairs… and a hammer chieftain scared the s*** out of me!

Another time, during the black-eye round, a jackal was jumping around me, and I was trying to melee it (they are good targets to heal yourself with the BE skull). I was about to hit it when suddenly a jackal sniper with a beam rifle sniped the jackal, and I was like “CRAP!” because I had no health packs left and was just trying to survive.

Meleeing a hunter with a pistol and he went flying into the sky

wait - meleeing a hunter actually helps kill it?

> wait - meleeing a hunter actually helps kill it?

No I did it for the lols

Going for the vidmaster. Last wave on the last set one of the guys I was with was so high he fell asleep,while playing and his character was standing in the indoor Oni building looking up and spinning around.

I’ve never been been mad, and have laughed so hard in my life. We got it that night that game.

Another one we made it all the way to the end but before the 5th set, me I and my buddy got dropped from the game before the achievement had the chance to trigger.

Going for the vidmaster as well, my friend likewise ended up falling asleep, leaving us one player short. My hands were dead tired to the point of suffering from arthritis. To make things worse, we were out of health packs, low on ammo, and my health was extremely low. It was way late too.

Despite all this, we managed it.

In another session, a Hunter killed itself.

In both sessions, there were plenty of call outs, -Yoink- kicking, and wtf moments. It makes all my experiences in Spartan Ops a blur.