I was just wondering if the community could confirm or deny something for me as a lot of the people I play with are unsure.
When you melee an opponent or spartan charge them are you then supposed to be vulnerable to being one shot yourself?
Many times I have meleed the enemy only to be instantly killed by a single burst of fire. I would understand the enemy being weakened but am I meant to be weakened? Is this a glitch? Is this a game mechanic or lag?
I would love an ofgicial response as I can find nothing but runour amongst the community

He probably just meleed you back as soon as u got in range.

When a player melees, the other player can easily melee back.

I’ve had this happen, where your screen doesn’t register the enemy movement and you swear he just one shot you for no reason. The above makes sense, as I have done this with friends and they seem to report that sometimes the counter-melee isn’t always clear.

I have even experienced this issue after meleeing them in the back and they are facing the opposite way only to turn around shooting and catch me once, where as I have just unloaded an entire clip into them. This could however be lag related as it seems that beyond gold 4 there are no european based players. I can get all the way up to Gold 4/5 only to lose enough games on the trot to drop right back down again to Gold 1/2. I find it amazing that I can have ping of 300+ but get matchmade with someone with a ping of 25

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> He probably just meleed you back as soon as u got in range.

Agreed. Some players have very quick reflexes, so they could melee/headshot Spartan Chargers such as yourself pretty easily.