Melee Registration

So am I blind or crazy? Have they not even mentioned or recognized hit registration issues? This applies to melee/grenades/bullets. Melee seems to be the worst and they haven’t acknowledged it. I’m guessing they just don’t understand the issue and can’t comment on it.

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As of now there has been no mention. Seems like the communities complaints about cosmetics has taken priority over gameplay issues. Only time will tell though once we get word on the mid February update.

It hasn’t been specifically mentioned - but I’m sure they are onto it.

Sounds like the programming team have their hands full at the moment with getting BTB up and working.

But hopefully soon.

And who cares what the cosmetic / store designers are doing? It’s got nothing to do with the collision / melee problems.

They were busy on their vacation dude, give them a few more months.

Ya, they are hard at work moving armor effects a few pixels. Don’t worry, it will be fixed in 3 months!

As long as that doesn’t mean 3 more months of trolls and their mating calls.