Melee Needs to be addressed

Is it just me or is melee in multiplayer very inconsistent. To many times I have melee an opponent when they are weak or one shot and the melee does not register. Many of my friends that I play with have the same complaint.


Yep, Ill whiff my all the time. Sometimes ill fling past enemies as well. The melees hit reg and physics are just off.


Yeah, like it’s really inconsistent with the melee hits and don’t even get me started on the energy sword.

Yep, me and my group of friends also agree. Melee feels the worst it has in the series.

My nephew mentioned to me that it seems harder to trade with an opponent, that it is much less likely to happen. That may have something to do with it. I don’t think the timing should come so “down to the wire” that is is just a matter of who has a better connection, but I really don’t know how this works. Maybe someone can come school me

I definitely played a guy in ranked who I believe had wayyy better ping than me because when we would go to trade with a melee we would always win. I don’t have evidence but it’s a hunch. I have never played someone where I would never win a melee trade off consistently.

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