Melee needs a nerf. it's strength is being used as a crutch

As the title say’s i think melee needs a nerf and i believe it’s strength is being used as a crutch for players who i see often foregoing their guns and charging for a melee kill at much greater distances that prior halos certainly wouldn’t allow.

Edit. after some discussion below. I’m seeing a lot of agreeance that the inconsistency’s with melee be it lunge, lag, collisions issue need to be fixed.
on top of that id like to add that the delay between melee’s is very short and could be a aspect to look at for nerfing.

I think a big part of this behavior is the high base movement speed combined with the long lunge range,

So i think the best nerf to begin with is a lunge range reduction and slight melee assist reduction.

I’m unsure of how to approach melee damage (not my first choice to nerf) , i don’t want to see it drop to three melee’s to kill (although maybe ranked could benefit from this) but the damage needed to bring a player into a 1 hit melee kill feels really low only about half a shield’s worth of damage.

Now although I’m calling for a nerf of melee it’d be disingenuous to not acknowledge that melee has a few issue’s with consistency.
The lunge distance and assist feel to be wildly inconsistent were players seem to lunge from ranges the game doesn’t allow to throwing fists at air while right next to enemy players.
Along with the assist inconsistently correcting hits pulling player’s left or right to make hit’s connect.

Some more big issue’s are with collision were player’s occasionally phase into or straight through enemy player’s and full shielded one hit melee kills from in front, hard to say what causes these issue’s be it bugs or net coding but issue’s they are.

Please feel free to share you reasons for or against a melee nerf. I’m open to discussion.


Im sorry, but I actually think it needs a buff. Not in damage, I think that is fine as is given in every other halo its 2 melees to kill. The problem is hit registration and no-collision is complete trash and game breaking. I have not experienced any of these lunges, but quite the opposite. I WISH there were lunges like in previous titles.
So basically, I feel that damage should remain the same but they NEED to implement player collision.


yeah I’m not a fan of no player collision even when its on for enemy’s it feels more like soft collision, and i think the melee inconsistency’s should be fixed but that’s different from a buff.
i mentioned the issues with inconsistency’s and collisions above and imo with those fixed and a reduced lunge distance the melee would be great. infinites base movement speed is really fast letting players close the gap much faster then other halo’s which is half of the issue imo

most halos were 2 hit melee but if I’m not mistaken halo 2 is 3 hits to kill?.

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I’m still traumatised by the Spartan Charge of H5.

Current iteration is good.


Melee feels like old school melee for the most part, just need net code fixes for hit registration and I think it will be the best it could be


we all are and the melee is much better in infinite but players can close the gap fast letting them rely on melee more then they should. like a crutch.

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are you nuts? it takes two hits to kill a player it doesn’t need nerfing it does need some hit reg fixes but thats it


cant say i agree about it feeling like classic. classic had shorter lunge and less melee assist, almost felt unassisted at times.

tell me were did i say it didn’t take 2 hits normally or that i didn’t want it to be a 2 hit melee? at least we all agree on the reg inconsistency needing to be improved

While we’re at it lets just nerf everything till we can’t hurt one another anymore! -OP


I wouldn’t care if the lunge was toned down. The damage should not change however.

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lets just kill all discussion.

id like to see the lunge towed down and as i said in my post, I’m unsure of how to handle damage, i don’t even want to nerf damage especially not in unranked modes but it does feel like you enter one hittable melee damage to fast.

the ‘lunge’ for melee in infinite i think should be removed from melee and only be for the sword, given the grappling hook, or at least have a smaller range.
and one BIG issue i have with it, is the hit reg. it’s terrible. it also doesn’t help there’s no player collision. i kid you not, i’ve ran through a enemy and back smacked them and vice versa unfairly


The lunge is mostly hit registration lag, because you’re snapping to the player where they appear to be to the host. The problem is, I just tried to sword a guy, and he back smacked me from the front, so the whole issue with melee is entirely due to the bad servers, ping, and hit registration. I’ve back smacked people 3 times. I’ve hit people twice and their shields didn’t drop until after they killed me. It’s all server issues. Melee otherwise works fine like every Halo before, a 2 tap kill.


yep couldn’t agree with you more, i touched on all this in my post.

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i agree the networking/lag is a big part of the problem but still i think a lunge rage reduction is needed along with lag and inconsistency fix’s.

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I think the lunge is really the issue and if they nerfed that a bit you wouldn’t be as concerned about the damage.
I personally am fine with it as it is, but the lunge distance probably is too far on normal melee.

yeah I reread it adn yeah that was my bad sorry

true but I’m not really concerned with the damage it was just another point of discussion

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