Melee kills are ruining gunfights

i have noticed theres a lot more melee trades in halo infinite than any other halo game. im learning to not get too close until im sure ill win the melee fight haha

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I don’t know, I feel like melee trades have always been a common thing. Try backing away after meleeing someone once and finishing them off with your gun instead. That way you reduce the chance of trading with melee and you both dying. Avoid melee range more basically.


There does seem to be an issue with double melee.

Not sure if it’s a glitch or if it’s network/server issues but sometimes people seem to instantly double melee me. If that’s not a glitch then there should be slightly longer between melee hits - I don’t seem to be able to melee that quickly.

And you got ripped apart in that thread. You need to better manage your distance in your engagement. You can also overcome a double melee with a melee + headshot for just about any weapon.

If you keep dying to melee, your positioning and movement need work.

That’s a glitch. A double melee should be about a second between hits.

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It’s not specifically melee related, but player collisions need to be turned on. Until then close quarters combat won’t feel 100% right.


This your first halo game?

I just want to point out that some weapons have different melee cooldowns. Not instant, but still. The skull in Oddball for instance has a very fast melee. StandardAce on Youtube has a video on it.

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Actually, even Overwatch and Apex has melee playing an important part in close combat engagements.
The difference is that the TTK of both these games in pure gunplay are just significantly more effective than melee which develops behaviour like kiting instead of rushing down and enemy to melee them.

Halo (not 4) has had a healthy E-sports scene since 2002 with the melee working way it is now.

IDK out of my 2,115 kills, 492 are melee and 124 are grenades. I’m nowhere near a pro but I say the gunplay is pretty good. There is an argument that most weapons are not worth picking up over the ones you start with, but that’s more of a sandbox issue than gunplay issue.

Also shotguns? This game’s shotgun? The 1 shot 1 melee gun? The 1 melee 1 shot gun? Melee the gun?

All im gonna say is… welcome to Halo
This is how the game is gonna be

Yeah I knew about the Oddball melee speed as have killed a few people with that.
I didn’t know that it varies from gun to gun though.

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In every Halo game you’ve had only enough time to make one shot (two/three with sidekick) before a second melee could hit you. Hitting that shot shows the separation of the skilled from not.
Melee jump back shoot. Melee jump back shoot. Melee jump back shoot.

I see what the Op means. It’s not so much that the Melee is OP, it’s that most of the guns have a no counter to it. In other games a lot more guns have you the option to melee jump back shoot or punish player who got too close.

I don’t think the melee is OP, other guns need a 7% or 8% damage buff while other could use a 100% damage buff.