Melee is very inconsistent

I have played alot of infinite since it dropped and melee in this game is whack. First of all player collison needs to be fixed. Going in to melee someone just to walk through them is just dumb. Melee is a big thing in halo and it feels like a coin flip in infinite. I have punched many people in this game just to fall over and die to my opponents melee. The animation will play, ill get the vibration in the controller but no damage is dealt. I have slashed people with energy swords and nothing happens. This is either bad hit reg or some sorta connection problem. Also the lunge in this game is busted. I can never commando punch or slash someone in this game but people can perform a 8ft lunge at me. Ill get in someones face and melee just to have my guy punch the air. I dont know if its because of crossplay or the bad aim assist thats in this game but trying to perform a simple melee is not an easy task.

The Spartans in this game haven’t skipped back day tbh my back smacks just don’t work.

I have been blaming the servers they seem to be a low tick rate, could also be the crossplay.