Melee Is Broken Due to Soft Collision

I noticed that I am regurlarly OHK with an enemy melee attack due to soft collision being broken. If you start the melee attack and your oponnent follows with his melee attack you are very often a OHK because the enemy is more or less colliding with your spartan and his attack counts then as back stab. This is so annoying. I had so many games, where the enemy kills me with one single hit even though I have full shields and health. The game registered the attack just like a back stab if the enemy is too close.
I lose so many melee fights even if I hit a couple of shots before my attack, the enemy is surprised but just hits melee and I am dead and he survives.

Soft Collision should be removed anyway for the whole game but why does it exists in the first place also for enemies? This is ridiculous and very bad game design.


I feel your pain dude. On top of losing melee fights that i should just flat out win. I’m experiencing backsmacks that don’t register. LIke double back smacks. But the melee is by far the most annoying. I really hope they fix this.


Lack of collision is pretty annoying when melee fights happen, since we are walking through each other and have to turn the camera and we are both rotating around confused where each other went. There are many times I didn’t get a Ninja medal because they backed up through me and I punched them in the front somehow. Not sure why they removed collision that has always been a huge part of Halo creative gameplay and custom games. I can only imagine they just don’t want us climbing on top of each other to get to higher areas, which was why grenade and hammer jumping was removed.


@xXx_Mhx_Air_xXx They should stop being control freaks and let us do what we want. Stifling creativity seems to be the name of the game. No grenade jump, no hammer physics, no collision, no customizing your colors, half -Yoink!- emblem customization, etc.


Halo Finite: Scuffed Edition


I was just experiencing something odd about the melee myself today. I noticed other people could lunge with their melee from a pretty good distance, but it felt like I had to get into their face to melee them. Sometimes, we’d phase through each other and no hits would register.

Very odd.

Yes. I am really annoyed by melee because of that. I try to prevent very close combat because of this.

Please bring back player collision it makes melee fights a nightmare

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Last night was playing Ranked oddball on Livefire in the underground tunnel area. An enemy had the skull I spawned and headed to him when I saw him he was jumping backwards to me. Completely unaware of me because my teammates were shooting him.

I melee him in the back as he’s mid jump, doesn’t count as a back smack just counts as a regular melee. He jumps over me I turn around and look at him, he melees me once in the face and I die to 1 hit and it said I got ninja’d by him.

The oddball is a 2 hit melee not 1 to the front and my bacj wasn’t to him.

I’ve ninja’d a few ppl in mcc (not alot) and once in halo 5 when I use to play it, But ik for 100% that it has to be done from behind and not the front.

Not once have I ever got ninja’d in the halos until last night bc of the terrible melee system. They need to fix this because its happened almost every match I play when I melee someone from behind it doesn’t count as a backsmack.

There have also been times I’ve caught ppl unaware and shot them from behind and they turn around put a few rounds in me we both melee and I die and they survive with no shield and health bar even though I put more shots into them, and I know I put more shots bc at the end of the match I’ve always had a higher accuracy than them.

I’m so sick of having ghost melee’s where my melee “misses” its target and then the player phases through me due to no collision and kills me from behind

Player collison needs to return


This is a huge and very annoying issue. I recorded a clip for proof that this is happening
Search for:“Melee Glitch Halo Infinite” on YT and there is proof for that