Melee glitch; people accuse me of modding

I have been having weird Melee glitches every so often, where my opponent hits me and I hear the sound, but don’t take damage. Why? I don’t like having the upper hand when I shouldn’t.

same here i dont take damage from swords too sometimes i dont know why.

I had this happen a few times this week I just lol after I killed them.

It has to do with poor hit registration. Same with bloodshots, and people surviving Rockets they shouldn’t.

It’s all a case of Reach’s poor host selection.

I know exactly what you all mean many times I played and by some miracle I survive rocket, sword and sometimes sticky grenade attacks. The weird thing is usually 5 mins after missing a sword death or rocket I’ll die for no reason without taking damage… Explain that! Lol

I had a glitch once where the guy was assassinating me then we broke apart randomly (the sounds were still going) I killed him in the gun fight and showstoppers myself haha. Then like a week later my buddy had the same thing happen. Super weird.

Yes, the ‘fake’ melee on their end to me has saved me in melee battles innumerable times now. I almost feel bad because it seems to be in my favor much more than my enemy’s. I don’t see how the netcode can even mess this one up, the guy lunges, punches, gets a nice squishy sound but no actual hit? Weird stuff.