Melee damage should to be assessed

along with the issues that have been talked about, with desync, motion tracker, nade hitmakers, and AR meta, I haven’t seen much discussion about melee’s high damage issue. since 360 age, when i played, a full shielded spartan took 2 hits to kill. each hit takes 1 “bar” of health (one for shield, and one for actual health) Now in infinite, it technically takes 1.5 hits. doesn’t sound all that much but honestly, it’s affecting the game loop.

the issue that it has is it promotes poor and predictable gunfights. in past games, shields were essentially a buffer in order for plays to be thought out during gunplay (unless your getting a nice explosive sandwich). if someone hit you with half shield, you still had some form of chance to get out alive. especially if it’s a brawl (hitting melee with someone at the same time.)

with infinite, however, fights devolve to essentially “when your opponent glows bright, hit them”. you can argue that “well just walk backward”, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ll go into a gunfight, and it ends up 80% of the time like this; shoot til half, run-up, and punch. I get pitted with people doing this all the time. to a point where they’ll just sprint at me to melee (i will admit I suck -Yoink!- at aiming, but if I have shields still on, I should still LIVE from melee). it’s more upsetting when you see fresh new halo players doing, cause now, along with the AR meta, you just see greys doing this. to a point where it’s predictable.

I bring this up because someone on one of the other melee needs to be fixed, they went “it been like that since 3”. when I have time, I’m going to try and clip every halo from 3 to see if I’m wrong (tho 90% of me is pretty confident I’m right. literally, get a friend in a slayer’s custom and just punch them. even with the halos with no health shown you can test this via shooting a charged plasma pistol and shoot them in the chest with a magnum, and melee them and do the same). as well as film the 360 installments of 3, 4, and Reach

Lunge needs to be removed entirely.

Collision needs to be too priority.

Yes. It should be two hits. To many times I’m supposed to get the kill but I die first

Melee damage should not be changed.

Collision should be turned on.

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