Melee damage issue

I propose melee to kill only when shields are off, it’s frustrating to get killed when almost half of your shields are still up, not counting the lack of a clear sign to know when a punch is going to be fatal. The system is wonky enough with lunges being inconsistent, so at least let’s have a balance on the overall damage.


They’ll never change melee damage. It’s honestly not even worth discussing at this point because it won’t change. The only thing I’d say is to remember that you can red bar and avoid dying to a melee if you’re up shots vs the opponent walking towards you thats trying to get a melee trade.

Halo would play very different if melee damage worked differently, but I’m sure it is what it is, and won’t ever change. It’s deliberately designed this way.


You say that like they didn’t just change melee damage across the board in response to the highly competitive crowd having a rather minor issue about one weapon.


I liked the way it was at launch. If you were up shields on the opponent past a certain point you would win the clash every time. There were way less trades. Now I try to avoid melee as much as is possible instead of utilizing melee as another tool in a fight. The change helped casuals but it wasn’t good for the game imo.


Thats a change to the weapon…not the melee itself dude…how many melee hits does it take to kill someone still? Yea 2 right? Back smack still 1 hit kill? Yep. Its still the same.

You still parry someone and red bar if you’ve dealt the threshold of damage to them and they’ve done less to you. Might be hard to tell when the games plagued with desync, blank melees, and players phasing through each other and 1 miraculously gets a ninja tho lol


I know it’s still possible to win the clash. It’s just so much more likely that a clash will result in a trade now. I don’t like it. = (

Idk I feel like it doesn’t result as much as a trade now.
Because if the person get just one shot on you in the head or two the body with the BR for example then punched you… It’s over your dead
I think it’s more about how you position yourself.

Although I still have problems with my meme connecting and some people seem to be able to lunge pretty well.
I’m still trying to understand this and it’s not just punching
Another needed fix with melee is I swear the punching in the back doesn’t work on one of the sides.
Anyways thank you for reading.

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Depends on how much damage they’ve already had done to them. It now takes a couple more shots from the AR before you can get the one hit beat down. Still not enough, in my opinion, but a change nonetheless.

The melee lunge in addition with the leap of reach of players and desync are just frustrating parts.

Gah! The lunge distance from your opponent is frustratingly inconsistent.

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I’ve been saying the same thing forever but unfortunately most players like to get undeserved kills just by pressing RB after like 4-5 assault rifles shots…
It doesn’t make sense to get killed by a punch when your shield is still at half strength


Once again…they’ll never change MELEE damage…the melee damage ITSELF…remains unchanged. Still 2 smacks…still a back smack. Load up a custom game yourself and hit a bot twice and see what happens.

Compare the melee of this game to apex. You aren’t going to see someone running towards you for a melee trade in apex. You’re inherently lead to want to melee someone in halo because of how high the damage is for melee itself in halo. It’s been this way for a long time.

I just remembered. Melee damage is different in various playlists. I wonder if that has an impact on the process of melee in game?

Quote from the Season 2 patch notes that have not changed in any update:

Global melee damage has been reduced by 10%. This overall brings down melee lethality, including making the Mangler 1-shot beatdown a 2-shot beatdown.

So, no. Every weapon (in social. The BR got its own change in ranked) has reduced melee. It is most noticable on the Mangler though.

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How many melee hits does it take to kill a full health spartan? Does a back smack still 1 hit kill? In every match I’ve played, I’m still killing people the same exact way I have been for years when it comes to me running into a full health spartan.

Smack shields down
Smack health 0

Back smack

When THIS changes…that’s when you’ll actually feel like melee has changed.

They did all that for one guns beat down to feel different…but the overall player attitude in a match hasnt changed…charge forefward and get that desperate melee trade…why? Because the melee itself is strong AF man. That change did nothing to detour that…which STILL leads to the frustrating moments this thread is all about right?

I’ll check if im wrong about the 2 smacks still being how it is when im home but i feel ive still killed many players with 2 hits regardless of what weapon I’m holding.

It depends on whatever happens in the chaos of a match. I just wanted to say that “343 didn’t and will never change melee damage” isn’t true and so there’s always a possibility they will change it again now. We can only hope they either change it back, or do something to improve tracking.

343 have said the 10% reduction shouldn’t have a change. And in a vacuum you can still 2 melee enemies. But considering that melee is inconsistent (collision, desync, can’t see shield levels, whatever happens) the 10% reduction feels like watered-down icing on an already lack-luster cake. We might not actually notice the change, but many try to find some excuse as to why it doesn’t work.
For example, an issue I have is that I widdle down the shields and go in for a melee like past games. But then the enemy and I trade blows, and even though the other guy doesn’t have shields, but I do, somehow despite the melee noise triggering, I’m the one who dies, and he lives. Or I phase through the guy and suddenly he is behind me and he gets a free insta-kill backsmack.
Personally, I might be fine with the damage reduction on melee if not for two things

  1. The reason for the melee nerf was to nerf the mangler, which it never needed it.
  2. If the melee worked in the first place!

At least before when melee was being dumb we could just say “Hey, at least melee wasn’t nerfed” But even if we can’t tangibly see and feel the change, it feels like an unnecessary change. Like putting salt on a wound. Especially when during streams and tweets they said “we can’t change the melee of single guns because it affects the balance of the whole sandbox” but did exactly that in Ranked!

I’m just annoyed that we never needed this tiny change and they could have done the same thing a different way and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

It really changed basically nothing but that 1 weapon beat down tho bro, and what you’re describing is the built in parry system, or what we call “red barring” that existed in halo 5. Example is if you and your buddy load up a custom game, test the base shot beat down combo against the other player dealing more damage. There is a threshold for this.

So for example, the BR is a 2 shot beat down right? It should still be that, Im pretty sure ive still done that in ranked. So load a custom up with a friend, tell the friend to do 2 shots, you do 3 shots, and both charge forward for melee trade. If you both die, test 2 shot vs 4. You will eventually see the parry happen, and 1 player will be knocked back and “red bar” while the other dies. Its easiest to test on precision weapons, and most frustrating to experience on automatic weapons.

Red bar describes the player whom survived having 1 hp left with health bar flashing red.

Yes, a full health enemy will still only take two hits to kill. Feel free to say that you would have preferred a larger nerf, but to say it didn’t change is false.

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