Melee damage is inconsistent and the lounge should be removed

I met with some much inconsistency with this melee crap. I said this before on the previous post when I said that melee has no collision which is completely ludicrous, the fact that it is fickled to the point where it kills you instantly when you are in freaking 75% shield, but when you do it to them, they don’t die and also recharge faster. I’m convinced that some of these players are hackers but if that’s the case, I am informed you that this is a major issue. Please fix this and also remove the lounge thing, entirely unnecessary.

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The lounge is a staple of Halo, it’s been there since H2 I think (I don’t recall it being there in H:CE but I may be wrong) and is intended to be there to increase melee range from a very small radius while also increasing the time spent (albeit a few frames, every second counts) if you’re further away meleeing.

The problem is the de-syncing and inconsistency imo, not the lounging.