Melee changed in Infinite

It definately still has that target thing going - I’m not a fan. You shouldn’t receive some “boost” for melee. It’s strong enough as is.

Yeah I was thinking it would have to be a latency or frames issue…so basically where you see them on your screen is behind where they actually are so it appears that they do a long lunge; where as on their screen they could be literally in your face.

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Fair, but melee is one of the core mechanics in halo, and with it broken it makes it a game breaking problem, and hopefully it gets fixed in the “day one” patch which I’m sure we are getting.

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That’s fair I agree with that. Good point

It seems completely random to me. Sometimes I’ll lunge at a guy 5 feet away, other times I’ll completely whiff on a guy right in my face. And I really hate how quickly you can melee again; slowing it down so that melee > shoot outspeeds and beats melee > melee rewards more skillful play than just mashing the melee button and hoping you hit first, and that your melee even registers .

I mean, you have to be within striking distance to actually strike the player model? Crazy idea. #sarcasm

I mean I get how the change bugs people, but I personally find this better minus the no collision aspect.

You have to know your spacing/timing. The only time it’s an issue is:

  • if I accidently brush my thumb button on the approach and wave to my murderer.
  • if I’m late on the draw and phase through my opponent and it becomes a DBZ battle.

I think the melee distance is ok, but it’s hard to say. The no collision thing messes it up. When you both melee each other, you end up passing thru each other then spinning around to find each other again.

I guess they didn’t want players blocking pathways for other players… so why not just leave collision alone and make all the doors two players wide? xD

Also, why oddball no one-hit kill?

I disagree with this completely. I get meleed from quite a distance away constantly. Ans 1 hit killed with full shields too.
I also am able to do this to others at times.

Everything is very inconsistent. Every game weapons, shields, melee and more seems to change on how well it works or doesn’t work. Has happened to me and in my benefit.

The range was definitely shortened because when I started playing I was throwing out melee by reflex as an old school Halo player, and not making contact. You do have to be closer. And I think it’s perfectly fine. We already have all these noobs complaining the melee is too strong as is. The REAL issue is many times even if your in the correct range the melee will just sometimes not register. It’s a widespread issue people report. Possibly being related to how they have turned off or turned down player collision so much.

The melee seemed like it lunged really far today. I think they might have patched it. It felt like the second flight. A little to lungy.

Aye…hella frustrating!