Melee changed in Infinite

In previous halos if you were close enough (and you knew that sweet spot) and you melee’d you’d be sucked in to hit the guy. You just had to be a few feet away. Now you literally have to be in their face. This was never the case before. I find myself swinging too early all the time. Maybe this is on purpose to get rid of that. Was just wondering.


Yeah it was changed for sure, I run into the same issue from time to time but as is with every game it’s just gonna take some learning and getting used to. There’s been a lot of people voicing their opinions so we shall see what they fix.

It’s gotta be tough to be the devs right now they are getting beat up pretty hard and there’s just a lot of noice making it difficult to decipher what requires immediate action and what requires slight tweaks later on.


Excellent response. It’s great to hear someone with a measured opinion instead of crazed reactions. Yes lots for them to think about (the devs). Im not saying it should be changed. Was just seeing if others are feeling this. I could talk to a guy like you all day. We are just talking. Thanks man!


It for sure is a tad wkbky being different. But over time ove gottwn used to it

Granted i also changed my fov so thats reeeeally messing with my melee. Bit aiming feels easier.

I will say it does feel very different but overall seems to work mostly consistently. Im just so used to the old ones muscle memory kinda f’es me over from time to time.

Im in a way glad and sad they removed the quick melee bxr from the fligjt. XD it was fun messing with people witu that

I’m constantly on the receiving end of lunging melees…it’s actually quite ridiculous how far some of the enemy players lunge at me. Also seemingly die from one hit melees from the front with full shields. I don’t know if it’s the game or playing on Xbox One X against players with higher frame rate.


Your right the lunge punch, and melee in general in this game is F’d and I’d be the one to know. Your melee seems reticle dependent, the smaller the weapons reticule the more likely your melee will miss. You can absolutely miss your melee by one pixel if the reticule isn’t on target, there is no near miss= hit anymore. also if you swing at the same time as you opponent sometimes you don’t throw the punch at all. If your opponent gets the lunge and you are quick enough to hit melee while they dash towards you, nothing happens.

That one hit thing has happened to me a lot, more than once now I’ve been back smacked because my opponent phased through me and threw their punch inside my character’s model.

I mean, they could have just listened to and incorporated the fairly consistent feedback from the 2 technical flights.

But they didn’t. They thought they knew better, and now the wider community is shouting the same things the testers shared.

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This is true……sadly

But I think the progression system and battle pass monetization will kill this game faster than anything else will

Hopefully they start listening

umm… I think you have the wrong thread

The lunge distance in this game is akward to say the least.
Sometimes my fist flies from about 1-2m away.
Other times I punch hot air 2mm away.
And a few rare times I punch and do no damage.

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It’s inconsistent with the actual action. It is broken currently.

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I think the opposite, the melee is this game has extreme range and it should be nerfed

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They need to sort out player collisions, as in add them back. Ruins it for me, most egregious decision taking them out in my opinion.

Melee in Infinite is just broken.
I’ve had melees that didn’t do any damage, melees that didn’t lunge despite me in range, I’ve phased though the person I’m trying to punch mid-lunge (thanks for no player collision, 343), I’ve swiped at people with the sword multiple times and just harmlessly moved towards them, I’ve had the gravity hammer only break the shield of someone I’m literally on top of.

Melee needs fixing.

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Sorry, was simply trying to convey that melee mechanics are probably going to be on the back burner for a bit while they continue to correct more immediate issue.

I don’t see 343 correcting these issues including melee mechanics and player collision (plays a roll in the melee mechanics) until after launch.

Yep me too mate.

I wonder if it’s a PC/console red reticle thing or whether it’s just latency…

I think it’s a mix of both honestly. You have to be super close for the reticle to turn red, even close for melee.

Even when the reticle is red you have to be well within 2 meters to get the melee lunge and if it’s a reactionary melee and your aim slips just a tad for the reticle to no longer be red, you’ll miss the melee 9/10 times.

It takes some getting used to in its current state and could most definitely use a little tweak.

Uh, what? I’ve been like a mile away from people in infinite and went flying towards them for a melee. Its inconsistent, but you do lunge (a feature I hate. Melee should be in melee range)

I think your root cause is wrong. I don’t believe melee lunge was reduced, it feels very similar to H5 and H3 to me.

What I will say is the high strafe acceleration in Infinite has, in my opinion, made it easier to miss melees you’re used to hitting. For example, an opponent near the end of the melee range who backs up will now move out of range MUCH faster than previous games. This has been making me miss melees I was used to hitting in previous titles.

It seems like you can also somewhat side strafe melees in this game… it might only occur when one person has high ping, but I’ve seen it happen a couple times now

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