> We have completed integrating our new eight post per month minimum participation requirement into our group with our full deployment of new ranks to our group that are obtained based on forum post count.

…I’m going to say no.

That’s fine.

We are only a few months away from our second anniversary and we are just now reaching this point to try to keep our roster full of only active members.

All other more positive methods have failed.

And it’s really bad to join a group that has a roster showing it has 100 plus members, but it’s only the same ten that ever post anything or play on line.

I’d rather have a roster of 35, where they are all active members, than a roster of hundreds with only a few participating.

So it’s cool, to each his own. I hope you find a good Halo home somewhere :slight_smile:

I’m an active person, just I’m not that active on forums. In-game you will most likely see me. But sorry to hear that. I’m in a clan for another game, and we have like 200+ members and only roughly 10 say stuff on the forum and probably 3-5 play in-game.

Sorry if I was harsh earlier =_=’

No worries, sir. Sorry to hear about the inactivity there, it’s what we’re trying to avoid.

8 posts in a month is actually very easy to meet, and anyone deleted for inactivity is always welcome back once they have more freee time.

We’re not trying to be mean to our members who go inactive, just keep our roster limited to active members only is all.

Almost two years old, who would have thunk it? What a great run and a great place to be.