Mediocre Campaign Story

I honestly hoped infinite would have dived deeper into story and had some pretty cool twist and turns in it especially regarding Cortanas story ark however i felt the campaign was very basic and nothing that stays with you once completed… they had soany options they could have took with the story i was atleast expecting some sort of explanation for cortanas character in halo 5 being so twisted hoping for a great twist like she was corrupted by firunner system or didact planted something in.the system to corrupt her overtime or even the logic plague could.have been used then they cpuld have brought the flood back into the story through that aswell and played around with several plot twisting ideas and made her redemption story more impactful i was hopimg they would find a reason for her crazy twisted behaviour then cure her by using the weapon amd merging them together or something anything other than oh cortana died off screen but before her demise she realised she was a very bad girl so committed suicide and destroyed the ring after suddenly growing a conscience… after she had already destroyed planets amd killed countless numbers… they had years to make this game and a extra year to go over it and improve and still mediocre

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campaign was very basic

Yeah I felt that too. I played it like two days and went through it on legendary. I guess I wouldn’t even play it with friends now even if co-op was out yet. First 2-3 missions I kinda enjoyed though.

Perhaps they can get something good out the door during the next, cough years. Have you gotten that legendary ending? Maybe they can do something unexpected with that.

But it being 343 I wouldn’t hold my breath or bet anything on it.

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They took all the wrong lessons from what people were saying about Halo 5. Halo 5’s story was terrible, but that didn’t mean characters like Blue Team and The Arbiter should have been removed. It didn’t mean that they needed a more minimalist story. They just needed a better written story with the Master Chief as the primary character. That’s at least my opinion.

Given, I didn’t think Infinite’s story was bad. It was significantly better than 5. But it could have been even better.


Yeah im the same played it on normal then legendary and to be honest second time on legendary i skpped the cutscenes and i mever do that in halo games but this one i felt the story was so basic we can hope for some good dlc but i have honestly lost faith they will use that dlc to fill in gaps as 343 seem to prefer putting a lot of the gaps into.other marketing like books which in my opinion is shocking! It should all be covered in game!

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I totally agree with you im not saying it was a bad story and yes i was releived it was a big improvement over halo 5 story and i realised they backed themselves into a corner after halo 5 but yeah i was expecting so much more story wise i just felt they kept it very basic and played it to safe but the gaps between there games really annoy me! The plotholes are ridiculous and hard to overlook! I understamd they put some stuff in the books they release between games but that shouldnt be the case! They should explain whats gone one between events off each game in game! Even better show us it! Let us play it!!! Dont just start a new game and totally blank previous ones

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Yeah I agree, its mediocre and extremely boring to play. While the way its written is better than Halo 5 did, i think infinites isnt thaaaat great either. Imo its way too slow to progress and the main plot its extremely basic and super straight forward, no twists, you dont feel the “halo epicity” in any moment. The missions arent that different between each other and that doesnt help it either.

The story feels more like a super long mission rather than a full campaign to me. Two days ago i just got all the achievements and uninstalled. A part of me enjoyed H5 campaign more than Infinite, maybe I expected waaaaay more from this release.

Enough said. Halo 5 campaign was super annoying on legendary, but infinite´s is both super annoying and boring. This one goes to the “never playing the campaign ever again” shelf along H5.

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Yeah i completely relate to that after i completed it i wont be rushing back anytime soon to play it gaian as i felt it was a very forgettable campaign its a shame really as i used to love the halo games ive played all games in MCC countless rimes never get sick of them and never will but halo 4, 5 and infinite i just feel there trying to change to much and they lack impact there just missing that original halo feel and to me halo 5 never existed i cant believe they thought fans would enjoy that story or lack of!

Bear in mind, this was just PART ONE of the Halo Infinite story.

I suppose this could still happen but I was hoping that it would be revealed that Cortana wasn’t evil/rampant but actually being influenced by Gravemind, sewing seeds of chaos before its arrival on the scene.

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To be fair, the fact that The Endless and The Flood could be synonyms AND in one of the audio logs you can pick up, The Harbinger is talking to a captured Marine and she repeats the phrase that The Gravemind used in Halo 2’s epilogue, repeating the phrase “I will ask, and you will answer”.

This implies that The Endless was something that The Flood had consumed a part of and it amplified its power. Perhaps that is why The Forerunners sealed them away “unjustly” on Zeta Halo?

Calling this “story” mediocre is way too generous…

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I think The Endless may be Primordials(the hyper advanced species that eventually turned into The Flood). I hope so at least.

Plausible yet doubtful.
Forerunner Lore says that they killed all the Primordials and the ones that were left became The Flood and that one imprisoned one that was brought to Zeta Halo. The Ur-Didact referring it to be the last of its kind before causing it to age billions of years in seconds due to temporal flux tech.

The whole reason it was brought to Zeta Halo was for questioning.
The Xalanyn are instead implied to be a race that the Forerunners feared for many reasons. Mainly of which being an immunity to the firing of a Halo ring. Should The Flood obtain such a power, then The Forerunner’s last ditch effort to defeat The Flood would’ve been for naut. Hence their imprisonment in secret.

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That’s really interesting. I wasn’t aware of The Xalanyn. I’ve only read the first 3 Halo novels, really should read the rest.

Yeah, if they were assimilated by the Flood then that would be catastrophic. So The Xalanyn species were imprisoned simply because of their genetic traits? So messed up. Lots of potential for dark storylines. I hope they bring focus to The Xalanyn, the Zeta Primordial and The Flood. Also the human rebels could be interesting.

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