Mediocre campaign level and open world

All the missions felt like.the same thing.over amd over move through forunner structure and kille enemies while repeatedly placimg.the weapon on a platform to unlock endless amounts of doors but oh wait you also need to find a fusion cell to power every door first!

The open world should have had more variety! The whole place was the same just grass and trees

The open world felt dead! Should have been big battles going on and scarabs etc kicking about i think the open world was a ok.size but i hope.they dont go any bigger in future games iuch prefer previous games whithout a huge open world full of markers all over the map capture this base capture that base collect the collectables scattered all over… thats not halo! Stick to mission by mission campaigns levels can be big and explorative but no need for a huge open world section then having main missions suffer because of this and all.have to be indoors making your way through very similar designed levels!