MEDIC! Achievement not working

I think the medic achievement doesn’t work i got 3 revives And the achievement didn’t pop did anyone else have this issue or if it was just me


Medic achievement is in elimination game mode.

Event is attrition game mode. I think it won’t count.


Damn your actually right elimination is a different game mode i didn’t even think about that lol @A_Blues_fan

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Just got the Necromancer medal in Attrition which states you have revived all 3 teammates in one round of an ELIMINATION gamemode so it’s defo bugged.


Let’s Go Blues and Tarasenko

From Postums Twitter

“… the achievement “MEDIC!” calls for revives in Elimination. The Cyber Showdown event is using the game mode Attrition. This is why it’s not popping for you…”


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Hmm, they need to update the in game medals then, as it already seems like I hit the requirement with ‘Necromancer’

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Most likely, it’s a common medal to the modes and Attrition is a variant of Elimination (or vice versa).

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Is it an elimination gamemode or round? The achievement says elimination round? Has anybody has their team facing elimination and then got 3 revives in the second round which would be the elimination round?

Yeah I got them in the one round, reviving both the same person 3 times and reviving the whole team in a round. Reviving 3 different people in one round gets you the Necromancer medal I already mentioned, which is a good indication for the achievement since the description matches.
It seems 343 just didn’t clarify that while Attrition is an Elimination Gametype, it isn’t the elimination Gamemode thus invalidating the achievement for now.

Some of you still seem confused. There is an unreleased game mode called Elimination. Some time in the future, it will appear in the game and you’ll be able to earn the Achievement. It’s not bugged. What may be confusing is that the term “elimination” is used in other contexts as well, and there are these medals related to reviving teammates that can be earned in multiple game modes, including Attrition.

Just says revive 3 in a match made fame. More crap code in the hot mess that is the Halo UI. Pretty sure reviving 3 in attrition should be an achievement as it’s -Yoink!- hard.

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Agreed. I’ve only gotten one necromancer medal in all the attrition matches I’ve played - very situational and luck based. Was disappointed not to get the achievement.

Same, got necromancer medal for first time but no achievement. I saw a vid the other day of someone unlocking the achievement by reviving their entire team. Maybe they were in the last round (the “elimination round”) of attrition when it happened, and that’s why it didn’t pop for me (got necromancer medal in first or second round, dont recall now).

Feel like no one answered this. Has anyone been facing elimination (1-1 or 0-1) and got 3 revives in that one round? Just because you get a necromancer medal or 3 revives doesnt mean it was in the round where your team was about to be eliminated.

0.01% show as having it unlocked which is what is displayed when no one has it, so it’s not possible yet.

Dude. Read like 4 blog posts on this forum and you’d find your answer. Your the 264849472626th person to ask about this. @XEQoot

It’s actually a slightly different question this time. But it’s still answered by the same 264849472626 sources.

The effin rope broke btw :roll_eyes:

I did read other posts and this was the only one that i found that asked the question but it was not answered and still hasnt been answered. I understand everyone thinks there is an elimination “game type” that hasnt been released so the achievement cant be achieved yet. The achievement specifically states elimination “round” not necessarily a “game type”. No one specifies they got all three of their revives in a round they were about to be eliminated in. Which i also think would make this achievement much harder to get. Now everyone is probably right and its not possible yet because i am sure some people would have accidently stumbled on this and it would be above .01%. If this question has already been answered by 234567898766 …or however many people and its not you that doesnt understand what im asking, im sorry. I did spend an extensive 5-10 minutes browsing google and forums to find the answer but Ill work on my google searches and try my best not to waste more of your time reading my questions. Thanks for being so kind to reply in a respectful manner.

I get your point hence why I said it’s a slightly different question.

However it is answered, because most link to a Twitter post by a 343 employee who says so.