MEDIC! Achievement is broken

On January 31st 2022 I finally achieved the Necromancer medal by reviving all 3 of my squadmates in Attrition, and I was very excited because I thought I was about to get the Achievement “MEDIC!” which is the hardest achievement to get in Halo Infinite, with only 0.01% of players managing to pull it off. While I think it is too hard to achieve, I actually did it. However, my achievement never popped! All my efforts were in vain!

343 Industries, please go back and look at the records, my match ending at 7:10PM PST for the Gamertag TechyJay on Xbox, I earned the necromancer achievement! I deserve the “MEDIC!” achievement! I have seen others on this forum with the same issue, I am not alone.

Will you please patch the game so it can retroactively award people this “MEDIC!” achievement if they have earned that (almost impossible to earn) Necromancer medal. I can’t be the only one who feels scammed. Earning all the Achievements in a game I love is what I play for.

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So stupid man. Unbelievable that people are still asking about this.

asking about an easily mistaken achievement? its wording is confusing and lines up with exactly what the medal says and if someone doesn’t know about the actual “Elimination” mode we dont yet have, of course they dont understand. you don’t have to be a jerk.


they cant even make achievements right anymore lmao

People have been on here since day one crying about the medic achievement being broke. Doing some very basic and easy research to figure out that the achievement is for the elimination game mode before creating the 7892861574th topic about it shouldn’t be too much of an ask

The Achievement isn’t broken, the capitalized “Elimination” is a clue that it refers to a different game type. I don’t blame people for being confused about it though.

However, it’s not that hard to search this forum, check TrueAchievements, or any number of other sources to see that this topic has been discussed a lot and resolved already.

MEDIC! is now achievable solo in Custom Games. Never going back to Halo Infinite unless new achievements are added. And then only for the minimum amount of time needed to unlock them.