When multiplayer medals were first introduced in Halo 2, I really liked the idea. It’s another way to show off when you do something awesome; if you got a pile of sticky kills, or a killing frenzy or something, anybody looking at the stats knew about it.

Bungie then started adding Top Medals to the stats screens, which was a great idea; if somebody got a Perfection it would be shown off to everyone else. Granted, they had some silly ones in Reach (like First Strike being a Top Medal) but it was a good idea overall.

What do medals mean in Halo 4? Absolutely nothing. I don’t even bother to check them anymore. My Killing Frenzies and Killtaculars are now being lost in a sea of Generic Kill and Distraction medals.

You get a medal for everything. Anytime you do anything you get a medal, and this has defeated the purpose of even handing out medals.

Things that should award medals:

[/li]- Sprees

  • Multi-kills
  • Sticks, splatters, and snipes
  • Boarding enemy vehicles
  • Doing something that’s generally awesome

Things that should NOT award medals:

[/li]- Comebacks (i.e. dying three times or more, then killing someone)

  • Generic kills – I was blown away when I found out this was actually a medal in Halo 4. It’s ridiculous on so many levels. Rewarding players for doing something completely unspectacular?
  • Grenade kills (non-sticks), beatdowns, headshots, etc. Hheadshots should be a separate stat, not a medal.
  • Rocket/hammer/sword/binary rifle/etc kills. These sorts of kills require less skill than a regular kill.
  • First strike/revenge/avenger/protector/assist medals. Assists are already a separate stat, why give medals additionally?

I recognize that 343i is probably not going to redo the entire medals system, even if it is rubbish right now. An easy way to make medals more interesting/valuable would be to re-add the Top Medals screen into the stats, so medals that are actually impressive would be showcased after matches.

Shameless bump.

They should have left the medals alone. Now they have a redundant medal system in place that’s completely pointless since you don’t even get that feeling that you achieved something when you do get one.

Not to mention they look so blah compared to past games.

Lol people will complain about anything it’s ridiculous. “Medals are useless now because they’re not shown on the top stats screen”. Your mad because you have to have your name clicked on to see medals?(which it always been like basicly) and you think the fact the added more make medals useless?..get real. Is there anything else left to complain about? I think I’ve seen it all hmm…Nope I can’t think of anything else NO I GOT IT! Lets complain about Halo 4’s case. It stupid how they got master chief looking…

I totally agree, the medals look awful and getting a medal for killing someone with rockets is just hilarious.

@D TheLastKing: Firstly, I’m not mad, I’m making a suggestion in hopes that the community agrees with me and 343i makes changes to the game. 343i has said themselves that the forums are the best place to provide feedback and ask questions.

I’m not bugged about the fact that you have to click on someone’s name to see their medals, so much as I’m bugged that there’s not really a point because nobody’s going to spend the time doing so, since you have to sift through tons of meaningless ones to see the ones that are actually impressive.

Either make the medals actually meaningful, or don’t bother with them and take them out.

One medal I wouldn’t mind seeing being added is headshot for snipers. They don’t even have to make a new medal specifically for it, just add it like how you get a headshot medal with the DMR or BR.

Medals even lack the functionality they once had because of the over-saturation, complexity and poor design:

In 3, the “Stick” medal is big, blue, obvious and lets you know what you needed to know in a split-second, without having to take your eyes off the action. I would know, even if I couldn’t see the opponent anymore, that they were dead. I could more on (without a second to spare).

In 4, you have to take your eyes off the action to investigate whether or not that new medal that popped up is a “Stick” or one of those constantly popping up “Distraction” medals. It could be that or any of the countless other medals that pop up all the friggin’ time. And even if the announcer exclaims “Distraction!” and doesn’t say anything for sticks it really doesn’t help you know for sure since multiple things can happen all at once. So there’s that or one must take the time to focus on, and read, the white low-contrast text with who knows what behind it, that pops up displaying anything that is occuring to so you have to take the time to read it to see what it says. And is it true the medals aren’t “Stick” but just “Plasma Kill”???


I… like the way it used to be. There. That was soft enough right?

Yeah, they have a medal for everything except PERFECTION. I got a perfection the other day and went to see what the medal looked like. Well, there was none. It goes toward your commendation, but no medal.