Medals not counted. Record no mantained

Hello everyone,
So, a few days ago I bought a digital copy of Halo MC Collection.
I’ve started playing the campaign (starting on Halo CEA) with the TIME showing (and, so, the medal also showed) but, when I go into my career (in-game), it says I have no medals? Are the medals only counted when you play in Legendary or anything like that? I’ve only played a few levels in Normal and Heroic yet.

Additionally, here on the Waypoint, I can’t see my service record in the MCC. It says that I never played the game.

Did anyone have a similar issue? How did you solve it?

Thanks, everyone,
Rafter GO

Been on your profile to check your service record it says you not even played Halo MCC at all

That’s what I said, it does say I’ve never played it, which is false

Ok, just turned on the Xbox and it started saying “achievement Unlocked” to al the achievements, and now I have my record online. So it’s solved, in a way

Just wanted to say sorry to Rafter GO just trying to help