Medals need to be BIGGER and FLASHIER

Anybody else feel like the medals just don’t pop enough (again, like in H4 & H5).
They just need to be bigger on screen and flashier, with brighter colors, the medals in Halo 3 were perfect.
take the killing streak medals for example, all of them look almost identical.


100% agree with you on that

To be fair a lot of medals in early builds usually change by the time the full game releases. Could be the case with Infinite too.

But yes, as it stands right now I’d like to see medals be a bit more prominent on screen. They seem quite small and don’t quite give that same exciting feel.

They should pop up on the left of the Hud like in 3 and reach.
Too small to properly see and recognize what medal you got - a voice thats slower than you getting the kills isn’t enough in my view.
343 should also be careful about adding too many medals for ridiculous reasons, for example getting a kill after they shoot you first - that happens all the time in halo.
An even better example for this is 2 anniversary mp - beam rifle kill, rpg kill etc.

Personally, i find the scoring system is unobtrusive and rewarding. It moves fast and does not get in the way. Medals are a good mix of skillful, informative, and fun. Their Colours indicate the rarity. Some provide very valuable information like ‘Yardsale’ which lets you know you killed someone with a Power-Weapon.

I agree, i hope that in the last version will be fixed. Actually i don’t like the size and the design.

Completely agree, does anyone else also prefer ‘snapshot’ to ‘noscope’? Snapshot sort of defines it as halo for me

Absolutely agree, it was actually one of the first things I took issue with. At first, I even thought Medals were removed because I did not see them right away, in the footage I watched. Flashy medals are such an important thing for Halo’s MP identity, in my opinion.

I think it should be an option seeing already how customizable the UI is, I prefer it now, but if you guys want it big and beautiful that should absolutely be an option. Probably an option in between the two as well.

Completely agree

Yeah, I think they’re too small as well. I hope they’re like Reach since I loved the look of those ones.

Medals suck visually. Needs a redesign. Also, did they get rid of the revenge medal??

yeah the medals should be a bit flashier like they were in the previous games. Nothing crazy but just so they stand out more.

lol i just made a post about this, 100% Agree, bumping this for the attention. Medals are a staple to Halo dont hide/minimize them, let them be seen!

agreed, medals just dont look good. They also need to be bigger and appear above the kill feed.

I completely agree with the OP. Medals have been lacking since Reach in my opinion - I personally just haven’t been a fan of the simple, streamlined look in Halo 4 and 5. I know 343 addressed the frequency of the medals showing on screen and changed it in Infinite. It was noticeably better in Infinite this weekend with the frequency of medals showing up, but I found myself still disappointed in the colors/style of the medals. I am really hoping they are placeholders and the classic style medals make a return. I miss the H2/H3/Reach style medals and loved how rewarding they felt when achieved. I also agree about the placement on screen - I hope they move over to the kill feed like they used to be. The middle of the screen scoring + medals popping up were distracting and cluttered the middle when I need to be focused on my reticle.

This was my biggest issue of the whole alpha. The medals looked very generic and bland. Hopefully they hear us and change them!

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> Completely agree, does anyone else also prefer ‘snapshot’ to ‘noscope’? Snapshot sort of defines it as halo for me

I really want snapshot back


I agree.
Also I’d say bring back the old colors, I’m okay with the new designs of the medals, some of them look pretty cool. but imo old colors looks better and more familiar.
and please bring back Hail Mary and Extermination medals.