Medals in Halo 5 MP

I’ve noticed in some of the latest Gamescom gameplay that they have removed the kill and headshot medals. Personally I kinda like them because they tell me if I got the kill or not. Without them I feel lost in combat with 3 other people shooting and no one knowing whether they got the points or not. Anyways let me know what you guys think.

This frankly isn’t what you should be considering in Team Slayer. All that you should care about it that your team got another kill. What player specifically got the killing shot is irrelevant.

You win when your team gets 50 kills. Not when you get “x” kills.

You could look at the kill feed, where it shows what weapon you killed your enemy with, along with the headshot crosshair icon if the kill was a headshot.

I understand what you guys are saying but I think it would be nice still if they at least gave us the option for it. That way everyone could be pleased.

I like Halo without the kill medals. I personally believe it causes too much clutter on screen. I am a big fan of the assist medal, also I enjoy medals like Snipeltaneous from the beta, and Red Menace from Reach.

Actually I have no problem with that thing being removed. But I do not think they should.

I’ve noticed the headshot medal is still there. I could do without the kill medal though, maybe…
I like my Halo medals.

I don’t mind the headshot medal so much, but the generic kill medal is unnecessary in my opinion.

When the text comes up with “Shadow Intent killed Player” and I have a dead body in front of me and my teams score goes up, that’s plenty of information right there. I feel that medals should be awarded based on somewhat of a feat, rather than just picking the controller up.

I kind of liked the Kill medal. It seemed like you had to rely on a grunt noise to know if they died.

Well, since they added audio and visual crosshair ques for kills and headshots, I don’t mind them not showing medals for them. It felt like the audio ques were redundant with those medals anyway.