Medals in Halo 4

I want to talk about the medals in the Halo 4 gameplay.

what do you think about the blue/yellow theme?

And why does assassination have an announcement too now? doesn’t make sense to me because I think that the announcer should only announce medals like “killing spree” and all the multikills. I already hear the announcer fails just like playing juggernaut in the reach beta.

Personally, I’d like to just have my yellow double kill, my blue triple kill and a bronze overkill. but that’s just me.

I’m not keen on the medals either, they look boring and dull, and I know the announcer is still Jeff but I also think it sounds awkward and it doesn’t have the flare that it had in the previous games.

I’m also not keen on the alerts you get in the middle of your screen, like “Headshot!” or even “Kill” I think it’s really unnecessary and looks like it’ll be distracting, and someo what patronising, it shouldn’t be that hard to tell if you got a kill or not, you see the medals.

I think the medals look terrible. If the game ships with the medals that was shown in the war games video then that will be very disappointing.

As far as Jeff doing the announcing I actually thought he had too much flare and quite obnoxious. It sounds like he will kind of take you out of the game. Honestly it sounds borderline annoying. In every other Halo game he sounds Bad -Yoink- and subtle, which is perfect. This game sounds over the top. Hopefully this is a build of the game that is old and these issues have already been addressed and ironed out.