Medals Give Battlepass XP, with Objective Based Medals Giving More XP

I know this has been asked before I’ve got a small spin on it I haven’t seen yet.
So obviously, medals could give us xp for the battlepass, with harder to earn medals like triple kills, no scopes, etc giving more.

BUT, for objective based game modes, objective based medals could give more xp than normal, incentivizing players to play the objective.

For example, lets say in Slayer (where the objective is kill the enemy team) a double kill medal will give you 10 xp (just some arbitrary number). Now in CTF, all objective (flag) based medals will give 10 xp and double kill medals will instead give 5 xp. This way kills are still rewarded but playing the objective is rewarded more, and therefore prioritized.

Obviously the medals between game modes would have to be balanced so players aren’t trying to just farm a specific game mode (if we eventually get game mode selection), but I’m sure it could be balanced so that whatever game mode you get, the average player will overall be able to earn a similar amount of xp to other game modes as long as you play the objective.