Medals by Tier

I know it’s nothing big or anything, but does anyone know where we could find what medals are in what tier? I’m just curious, because so far I’ve seen up to onyx in the list, but there’s no other information. It would be nice if you could click the tier names / numbers and it would pop open a list of those medals.

Also, does anyone else find the stats page kind of hard to look through? To see medals, you have to scroll around and sometimes it doesn’t even move left and right correctly. I liked the Bungie page that had all your medals in a nice table… Mostly I want to be able to see all the new medals that are out since there are so many different ones. Like flag joust, I thought that was clever, but you’d never know it was a medal until you got it.

To be honest, the layout is terrible on almost every part of this game. You can’t see your party when you’re trying to pick a different playlist, or messing around on the custom game settings. The scoreboard is a mess, they removed the game’s MVP, top medals, and even when you click on your name, the top medals are things like headshot and melee even when you get a killing frenzy or something. Also, why the hell do you stop moving when you bring up the scoreboard during the game now, it makes no sense some of the changes they made.