Medal Questions and Discussion

a) Has 343 been made aware that the Score! medal does not display correctly?
b) Is there any way to earn the Last Strike medal at the moment?
c) Not so much a questions but H5 needs to consider bringing back
-Perfection especially
-EMP Kill (in addition to EMP Assist - I always use the PP in 1v1 and I’d like a reward for landing the kill on my own)
-Stick (instead of just Plasma Kill)
-Weapon specific sprees (ie Splatter Spree, Sidekick or Sharpshooter)
-Triple Double (double digit kills, assists, headshots)
in exchange for removal of Generic Kill and many single weapon medals such as Hammer, Sword, Grenade etc… sniping medals should remain. Let’s bring some excitement and challenge back to medaling and make it feel like an actual reward again.

For me Reach medal system was perfect.
About H4 i want stick and headshot sniper medals back.
Perfection medal? Only one problem, promote camping.
And H4 not need more campers, more not please…

i wish Halo 4s medals where displayed like in Halo 2. go far enough to the right on the carnage report. Distraction is the most pointless medal ever. I went to answer the door in the middle of a game and got 5 distraction medals and i didnt know untill i saw the medals lol.

I would also like to see the Reach medals in H4, but since this is 343 and not Bungie i think they want to go their own way.

Medals are barely noticeable in Halo 4. Compared to previous Halo’s, they are way too small.

I figured out that ‘Gotcha!’ also displays incorrectly in game, which makes that 2 along with ‘Score!’

I agree, the one thing Reach done perfectly was medals. One of the things I hate most about Halo 4, is how terrible the medals are; there’s WAYYYYYYYYYY to many, they’re too small, they disappear too fast and look bad. Many of them look to much like each other or they look worse than they did in previous Halo games. Make them more challenging. Medals need a big patch 343, it’s an essential to Halo games, but the way they are now…it’s not good at all.