Medal: Combat Evolve

I found this sweet Medal …

Please share your achievements!!

I got this the other night and it was super surprising. It happened when I threw a Plasma Grenade at the Plasma Caster on Rig (just in case someone was hiding behind that cover area nearby) and it caused it to fly across the stage. I picked it up and boom, got the medal. Pretty cool!


BXR medal.

Not actually the button combo it used to be, but same principle.

> 2533275010968401;3:
> Snipletanious

… wicked!

> 2535431041585709;5:
> > 2533275010968401;3:
> > Snipletanious
> >
> >
> … wicked!

Love the medal, hate that name. It couldve been callen anything else…

… but what would you call it if it was up to you?

If you throw a plasma behind it, it’ll fly in your direction. 9/10 times, if you jump, you can catch it in mid-air

> 2535431041585709;7:
> … but what would you call it if it was up to you?

Probably “Collateral” or “2 birds one stone”.

Literally anything would be better than snipletaneous though. Ugh.

… nice!!

I think they brought it back from Halo CE when … we used to throw granades at the sniper rifles at “Hang em High”