Medal bug

The infection game type finally came out which is awsome. But certain medals from the playlist aren’t appearing or being earned after the match is over some of these include flood sprees except flood exterminator, flood assist, and in all the halo 2 anniversary maps, medals are extremely rare to show up even the headshot or sword kill medal I don’t know if it is the result of the game type cadre or what. It doesn’t appear the halo 2 anniversary specific infection medals show up. Is both halo 4 and halo 2 anniversary supposed to do this?

It is a problem, I’ve lost some very awesome medals man.

Medal bug update
I was wrong about a couple things first is that some medals from flood is being replaced by other medals when I get the blighted medal it turns into a flood hunter on the results screen a flood survivor becomes a flood exterminator I haven’t noticed any other medal replacement errors. Also halo 2 anniversary infection seems to have problem first is cadre medals almost never spawn in it even when they do once you it gives you the health bonus, it stops spawning again regular h2a infection works better at the start no medals typically spawn but after a few kills, they start to spawn correctly including headshots come on 343 I want my flood assist flood victory and flood survivors and medals being replaced by other medals is bad I also want cadre to start correctly keeping track.

Medal bug update:
Halo 2 anniversary infection medals working actually seems to be related to people leaving the game. When someone quits, it seems that there is a chance of medals working. But it still doesn’t work to well in cadre, with survivor promotions potentially stopping medals from being earned. I really would like it if I didn’t have to rely on rage quitting to earn my medals