Measurements of Forge Objects equal to Halo 5?

So the sizes and measurements of the blocks in Infinite are questionable at the moment. From what I understand 4x4 blocks from say H2A are actually 32x32 in Halo 5, however does Infinite uses Halo 5’s measurements where that’s still the same case?

Because a 32x32 block in Infinite still to me seems smaller than a 4x4 Block in H2A and it’s really bothering me because I can’t tell if it’s just me or the player size and whatnot are effecting the perception of the block size or if the measurements are not equivalent to Halo 5.

Anyone know? Im trying to recrate a map I had in H2A and not knowing if the measurements are off or not is really throwing me off.

I doubt it.

Player speed in Halo Infinite is slower than in Halo 5.
So as a result, the block sizes would probably be smaller so doing a non-sprint jump between a 2-wide gap remains possible.

Still I wish I knew the exact measurements in comparison.