What could the following passages mean - there are several subtle hints in them:

From Wednesday , July 13th:

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> I also snuck a peek at the latest build and caught a glimpse of something new that replaced one of the placeholder items. Some won’t notice the difference. Others will be excited.

From Monday, July 18th:

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> Developed by 343 Industries in collaboration with Saber Interactive and Certain Affinity, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary immerses you in an authentic, next-generation recreation of the award-winning campaign and genre-defining multiplayer that revolutionized the first-person shooter genre. Featuring a bounty of new features, including cooperative play over Xbox LIVE, a bundle of some of the most beloved multiplayer maps in Halo history reimagined, a Classic mode that let you play the original version, new challenges and new story to uncover, Halo: Anniversary launches exclusively on Xbox 360 for an estimated retail price of $39.99 (US) on Nov. 15, 2011.

From Wednesday, July 20th:

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> "The greatest challenge we had with skulls was how restricted our options were. A lot of skulls in Halos 3 through Reach functioned through changing character behaviors for AI, or replacing AI units with tougher versions. We were deathly afraid that any change to the game that involved mucking around with the AI might in some way affect the AI itself. Preserving Halo 1’s AI was critical, and we just didn’t feel it was worth the risk. As such, we had a few different ideas that, upon examination, had to be cut because they involved some kind of change to character behavior, or how the game would spawn AI into the game. In particular, we had one skull that would cause Grunts to immediately panic upon sighting a player. Funny on paper, but it broke the rule of leaving the AI code untouched. As such, we cut the skull, and found ourselves left with a hole in our lineup, and a desire to mess with the Grunts beyond just Birthday Party. Thus Grunt Funeral was born.

What kind of new story are they referencing?
What about new challenges?
How can they add skulls that change AI behavior like Catch and IWHBYD?

I think that the new story refers to the addition of terminals (and hopefully some references to Halo 4 as well). What seems exciting is that she says “genre-defining multiplayer” which could potentially mean that the original Halo 1 multiplayer is in except that it only has system link and split screen (if that is the case, I hope that the multiplayer maps also have better graphics - the campaign and multiplayer maps share many textures so this shouldn’t be difficult).

All she said was that a hint about the Title Update for Halo: Reach was included. All that stuff about Halo 4 or Halo: Anniversary literally have nothing to do with it.

The best conclusion is the DMR and flowers in “bloom” suggesting that the DMR’s bloom will be receiving changes. Maybe for just the Classic playlists, maybe for Halo: Reach overall. But that’s to be determined.

Sorry buddy :frowning: Everything you said is just talking about Halo 4 and Anniversary. There were no “hints” included in those quotes.

But the skulls that were dropped will make an appearance in Halo4 right ??? :smiley:

Im more interested in the first post on the 13th…
Yet i have no clue… anyone have any ideas?

Anyone else?

I think its a possibility that she is referring to the MA5B assault rifle making a return with a serious graphic overhaul,you can see it in the video for the grunt funeral skull.