McNuttys Input for Flight 2/3Check comments below

I had a lot of fun on flight one and i had just as much as a blast (both literally and physically) but ive got some strong feelings going into flight 2/3, many of which are my opinion but are also are voiced from my long experiences with not only Halo (that i have played since the age of 7) but fps games in general. Again, like my input last time, take it with a grain of salt and don’t forget that I am harsh only because I love the Halo universe and I want to see this beautifully built game be just as successful and have just as much hype as Halo 2 had at release.

Seat transitions in the warthog is an A Plus Plus.

Plasma pistol charge shot not disabling vehicles is flatly an F plus and it severely steers away from cannon element of the halo universe. Also the feature of recharging/ reloading when you step over a copy of them has got to go, i remember all of the the oh s*** moments i had playing through halo 1-4 on legendary and not having anymore charge in a given plasma pistol, as much as I hated trying to find the next pistol while avoiding enemy fire, it was a good gameplay mechanic that made me plan my next move and actually scan the battlefield for a replacement sheild breaker. Please don’t remove a challenging and interesting portion of gameplay.
I know the shock rifle disables vehicles but that shouldn’t replace the plasma pistol charge shot. It should just match it’s ability while also being its inverse. Fast vs. Slow RoF, short vs. Long range.

Wharthog minigun needs to have stronger damage per second and a larger reticle size, im not sure if it is just the fov settings of the videos 343 released pre-flight but, its underpowered in their footage for flight 2 in the BTB mode footage i have seen.
It also lacks that robust deep basey sound of a chain gun that past games did not.
Since seeing this clip the tank needs more a more basey sound upon firing and the particle effects need to be enhanced upon when the shell impacts a surface for extra dramatic effect. More dust and smoke with our explosion, maybe a scorch mark, I could be wrong about this but i really didn’t notice them, then again i really didn’t get a chance to get a good look because i was too concentrated on smashing the enemy team.
It was enjoyable.
Having used both I do enjoy both, but i still want these elements to be considered.
I enjoy the asthetic of the fired shell being ejected from the top of the scorpion.

There is also a feature to where if you shoot weapons on the ground with the shock rifle, the lightning chains to nearby players and vehicles so if you spam shoot the gun with the shock rifle it deals unavoidable damage to nearby opposition. It seems like a pretty broken feature to intentionally add to the game. This will for sure be abused.

Melee combat is such a huge part of halo, you gave us the ability to drop one weapon, but why not both? I would love to lay the beat down on the opposite team with my fists (with a slighly higher rate of fire for Melee)
Maybe a tid bit of sword lunge?

They have tactical nukes in the cannon story line but they don’t have any remote Explosives other than the detonatable grenade launcher? I want to be able to drive past on a warthog and stick the enemy equipment then drive away so i can blow it up from a safe distance, that has yet to make an appearance in a halo game that I know of.

The new radar… I liked the last flights radar system, I know the community claimed they like the old one from previous games but this one gets me constantly killed by other players and since my playstyle is more ambush instead of direct confrontation it leads me to die constantly in close quarters modes mainly because it is more of an incentive to sprint in and spray wrecklessly instead making a conscious decisions of when to strike. The patient, slower paced players shouldn’t be penalized. If I drop out of veiw and stand still, I am still on the radar for small amount of time (really really small delay, but its there) after I stop moving. If I press b that changes instantly, yes, but id like to point out, im not moving. Its a motion tracker, im standing still. I’ve seen requests for the 25m radar to reurn as well, i think the 18 works okay aside from my own issues and opinions about it.

I want nothing more than the option to turn non- console cross play OFF. (Consider a toggle?)
I personally don’t care if their system claims they are using a gamepad with their pc either. The refresh rates of those computers swamps console. PC Players spamming the A&D keys are the most frustrating thing ever in reference to the joystick of console. Separate them. Console players are at a significant disadvantage and it just makes games less fun when the other players have inherent advantages just because of the platform they choose.
Not only that but the hand eye vs the eye thumb isn’t even close to fair, pc players have a way easier time tracking targets and staying on target.
Im glad pc players have access to halo but im not exited that they are vs. console.
Also they have much more mobilty with tools like the grapple shot and sniper rifle vs. console.

No colorblind support for halo infinite but support for MCC? :cry: As a colorblind individual. This saddens me.

Weapon switch doesn’t work on custom bot game modes (training arena) gamepad controls in this flight, I noticed the error in the bot area. I am unsure if this a widespread problem.

I feel I should be able to deploy more than one drop wall at a time without the other despawning. (Limit 2) I can throw every grenade I see piled up in a given area but why penalize me for doing the same with drop walls? I had a plan to fortify the position to my front on the fly against two other Spartans, across a narrow walk way/ bridge, I being inside of a sheltered doorway. I went to throw the second wall and the first instantly despawned leaving me entirely exposed and ultimately fragged, I could have won the encounter if the game rewarded my resourcefulness instead of giving me a penalty for doubling down on my defence and steeling myself for battle.
I applaud the array of customization option available to players for both their weapons and their armor, could there also be an option to change the color of drop walls? They are my favorite tool.
Drop wall should do minor damage if you step through it if its unfriendly

Sniper rifles reticle is still way too small when compared to previous games, not sure why it seems a 1/3rd the size now… :confused:

Look/ sensitivity options are still way too far toward the bottom of the list in the settings.

Stock visual sensitivity settings are too low by default.

Post game scoreboard doesn’t display kill death spread by default in multiplayer games.

We need more “warzone” (halo4/5, not cod) like game modes. Massive, even bigger teams than BTB against AI. Modes with doors you need to hack and defend against waves, finding keys and intel, ODST drops, pelican drops and insertions that are player controlled. We need missions that are full team and feel massive. Multiplayer is nice but I want lore and story between Spartans that happens organically and the way we play is what writes the legend of the hero we all want to be.


(PART 2)
The title infinite makes me think of something endless, I would love to see an infinite dungeon type of game mode that just never stops, you get plugged in randomly and the enemies scale up in difficulty over time, requiring more spartans until you hit a maximum. No level requirement, no skill cap or requirement. enemies and distance traveled is what dictates the level/ difficulty and or modifiers

The maps are tiny, and what is it with these capped surfaces, how in any way shape or form is that infinite? I want to climb anywhere not just in a predetermined area, if i want to take the risk and stand on a rooftop let me do it.

Dynamic vehicle damage is a plus, people had the idea to add similar effect to armor as to show a battleworn suit

Gungoose should go, like it shouldn’t be a thing. (In my opinion) the mongoose is fine but the gungoose just seems kinda out of place in reference to the battles we fight, even if im all decked out in futuristic space armor, a 4-wheeler that shoots grenades forward seems like a vehicle of suicide. Id rather see seat transitions to the back of the mongoose and the ability to shoot forward and toss nades while rolling forward, also the ability to dive out of moving vehicles more quickly.

Academy firing range modes could be co-op competitive between friends… just saying…

Honking in the warthog and having a notification for the team is a fantastic feature.

Cave hacking for power weapons is a gread idea
When hacking the vault door in btb it would be nice to have a notification for my team that i am doing so so they could come out and get some of the loot.

Holding the flag and looking around on the back of the mongoose looks janky as hell if you rotate your veiw too fast… the character looks robotic and pans back and fourth at an unnatural speed. Looks ridiculous and hilarious.

Halo 5 got us a small taste of wall bashing, will we see that concept of destructable surfaces return in infinite? Id love to use a repulsor to smash through a wall and follow it up with a spnkr rocket or using an across the map brute shot or standard frag to break a wall and use it as the furthest forward part of my blind for picking off unwitting spartans/ enemies brave enough to consider running past my window or alternatively, straight up drop the debris on an enemy by using the idea of a remote charge like I had earlier.

Destructable and dynamic environments are a plus sometimes, i think of battlefield 4’s Seige of Shanghai or their caspian border maps where you can bring down the satellite tower and it changes the dynamic of the map by adding paths that weren’t previously there. I know we are not meant to compare but i can’t think of any way to properly describe the concept i am speaking about without including them as a direct example. I just think its time Halo adds this kind functionality to its gameplay.

I would really like the mute function.

The banshee moves too fast, previous games you could almost float, this game its much more difficult to bombard control points on btb.

We have seen topographical maps in campaign and cannon Halo, why not add that feature to radar? Faint outlines of features of nearby geography. Im tired of looking at the radar and running into walls.

The pelican should be a touch lower so i can land/ drive a warthog during a vehicle drop of a tank or ghost I had the liberty to try… it only half worked but it was worth it.

I love throwing explosive barrels.

Bot behavior should be tweaked to let them use vehicles, currently, they do not enter them in bot arena and its pretty disappointing

Bots in CTF modes cluster too heavily arround the flag holder, a well placed grenade would swamp them all.