MCC XP progression

Please…i’m over getting Doubles, Triples, and Overkills, Frenzies and Running Riots, no scopes and Snipes then i’m rewarded with…50XP participation progression. Smh. I’m digging the game, but how can someone comeplete the Battle Pass without the performace XP? I AIN’T COUGHING UP 10-15% of my PAYCHECK for cosmetics. This is what will turn people away, we aren’t all streamers with 15k people viewing and sending donations every 5 minutes. Some of us have been playing Halo since “The Duke” and have finally received a Halo game that reminds us why we fell in love with the game in the first place. So, remind us how good it felt when we racked up the XP after a high performace game. The game is great…but ya missed the mark by a mile with the progression system.

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