[MCC WIN10] Can't find any matches, infini-queue.

I wasn’t having this issue a few days ago. I normally play on my xbox console but as of lately I’ve been playing it on PC via Windows 10.

Basically, whenever I try to queue for a match (i.e Invasion or Big Team Battle) I basically end up in a infinite queue. I have waited upwards of 10 minutes in three different game types (Invasion, Big Team Battle, and Infection) and have not found or connected to a single person.
I’ve also noticed that my Invasion rank is set at 1, when normally it’s higher than that (a 9 last time I checked). So maybe it’s a server issue. I don’t know.

I’ve tried seeing if maybe the game just needed an update but from what I’ve seen, there’s no available update for it that I can download from the Windows store.
I’m considering attempting to uninstall/reinstall but I’d rather want to just get this resolved without resorting to that.

EDIT: I think I may have resolved it. So it turns out that I had to click on the game itself in the Windows Store (under the Downloads/Update tab) just to see that it indeed has an update. I’ll download it and update this post if it’s been resolved.

EDIT 2: Updating has indeed resolved this issue!