MCC Update

So I found this video that mentions a new skull that will in Halo 3 when it launches on pc hope they add it on the Xbox and to all the Halo games here’s the video
HUGE MCC UPDATE - New Vehicle/Weapon Skins, New Halo 3 Skull, Forge Coming Soon! - YouTube I also want all the skulls that were added to Halo 2 Anniversary added to all the Halo games especially the bandana skull and here’s a list of some skull ideas that I had
My Halo Skulls

Ice Cube Skull Weapon never overheat

Super Soldier Skull All soldiers are now spartans

Capacitor Skull Any weapons that can be charged will charge automatically

Commando Skull All weapons have infinite ammo and bottomless magazine

Rapid Skull All weapons are rapid fire

Energy Skull All abilities do not drain energy

Super Strength You can do more damage when you melee an enemy and will not be slowed down when caring turrets

HCP Turret Skull All human weapons act like Human turrets All Covenant weapons act like Covenant turrets and All Forerunner weapons act like Forerunner turrets

Bandana Turret Skull All turret have infinite ammo

Scorpion Skull All weapons fire Scorpion Tank rounds

Wraith Skull All weapons fire Wraith shots

Phantom Skull All weapons fire Phantom shots

Gauss Cannon Skull All weapons fire like a Gauss Cannon

Boost Skull This skulls would give your weapon a random boost for example you might pick up a shotgun and just get a damage boost but you might pick up a shotgun later and get an incendiary damage boost also you the player would get a random boost at the beginning of every mission for example you might get a boost to your running speed or you might get a boost to your shields or health and if I had made The Halo Games all these skulls would be in Halo Reach Halo 1,2,3,Halo 3 ODST,Halo 4,5 and 6 when it comes out what do you all think

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