MCC stuck minimized on PC

The game launches minimized and I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix it but it always just runs in the background and will not actually come up on my display. Is this happening to anyone else? It’s been unplayable for weeks.

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i have the same problem can someone help fix this please?

It’s a legacy bug which already comes from PC version (When Halo reach arrives on December 2019), so they won’t solve it

In oder to force to close that annoying bug, you need to open XBox bar side menu (Win keyboard + G) → resources widget → find MCC task → close by bruteforce

Try many times until MCC closes by that way.

Recomendations if you get the infamous Popup “UE4 crashruntime error”, Halo2A Campaign / Multiplayer swap window from your current screenboard: This mentioned steps at the first comment. To avoid the lossing MCC icon windows and becomes a background process which doesn’t allow to go back into MCC (forcing you to close), try to use a 2nd monitor if you’re the guys who just want to do something while MCC is in the background