MCC stuck at "Installation stopped" after ODST dl

Hi. My first question - if I reinstall Halo: MCC, am I going to lose my campaign progress?

I’ve been playing through Halo 2 legendary with a friend, and yesterday we sat down to play through the next mission. The only problem was that I had the ODST code and the game wouldn’t let me launch until I’d installed it. That was annoying, since I hadn’t planned on freeing up 8gb on my Xbox, but I uninstalled some games and downloaded ODST.

The problem now? ODST is fully installed, and the MCC still just says “Installation stopped.” When I click on it as though to launch it, the “Installation stopped” briefly changes to “Ready to start”, only to be interuppted with a popup saying “Clear some space on your Xbox. The Halo: Master Chief Collection needs 62.7GB total”. The only problem with this… is that it’s already taking up 67.2 GB. For those keeping track at home, thats five more than it claims it needs?

Does anyone know what’s going on or how I can fix this? Or failing that, whether reinstalling is going to reset my campaign progress?