MCC Stats not updating

I’ve noticed that for a few months now my stats for MP (specifically K/D and number of kills/deaths and Highest rank) have not been updating. An example of this is my listed Highest rank (showing as rank 6). This is my Halo 3 comp rank back when the seasonal challenge was the Halo 3 Avalanche Sniper Rifle skin and it appears this is when it last updated as my current highest rank is 15 in Halo 4 Squad Battle. I saw a previous thread from August 2020 where it seems that issue was resolved and the thread locked, but it appears that I have either dodged that fix or a new issue has arrived.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: for further clarification I play on MCC through Steam.

It’s been an issue like nearly a year ago, guess were gonna have to wait until halo waypoint updates