MCC starts but isn't actually visible

Sorry if this has been covered before but a lot of fruitless Google searching has lead me to asking here. I’ve been playing MCC via Steam for a while without any problems, but recently when I start the game it shows up on the taskbar and can be seen when I alt-tab, but isn’t actually visible on the screen. If I select the game with alt-tab, nothing happens. If I hover over the taskbar icon I can see the game in the little preview window, and can even navigate through the menus via that window, but again if I select it nothing happens. Restarting my PC fixed this problem once, but now it’s appearing again and restarting didn’t help this time. I’ve tried re-installing and verifying the Steam files to no avail, and I’m not sure what else to do here.

Make it your active window, press the Windows Key + shift and your left or right arrows until it shows.

Sounds like your windows is detecting a ghost display.