MCC Spinning wheel of death

Apologies if this is the wrong place, I’m kind of new to posting here.

I have encountered a problem/bug while playing MCC where after crashing to the Xbox dashboard, the game gets stuck after starting up. After finishing the Halo 3 campaign on legendary, I attempted to back out to the main menu which caused the game to crash (where it freezes and makes a loud buzzing noise) before closing and kicking me back to the Xbox dashboard. When I booted up the game again I get to the point where it says ‘push menu button’ on the splash screen. Upon doing this I am greeted with the spinning loading circle in the middle of the screen at which point the game fails to load any further. I have tried closing the game and restarting the console numerous times and the problem still persists. I have booted other games installed on my xbox before going back to MCC and it still gets stuck. I have tried everything except uninstalling and reinstalling but since 70+GBs takes a while to install, I want to leave that as a last resort for now.

Has anyone else had this issue regarding MCC? If so, did you fix it in the end?

I remember having an issue when I would be in the lobby waiting for other players to connect for about a second before it automatically brings me back to the main menu screen. It was behaving like I was backing out myself when I wasn’t. The only thing that did correct it was to uninstall the game and reinstall. I didn’t have a problem with this because I have digital games to play while this happened or just hop onto another console. But ya, I had to uninstall and reinstall for the fix and I haven’t seen it happen again since.

Just to be clear, when you did the restart, was it just pressing the power button? or did you open the guide and choose the “restart console” option?

One thing you might try before uninstall/reinstall would be copying the game to an external storage device and testing it on that.

Edit: One of the mods said that XBL was having issues, which may have contributed to spinning wheel issue in MCC?