MCC Season Point Glitch

So today I logged onto MCC to continue pursuing the Orion armor set, and had 1 point. I went to continue gathering points but when I completed the ‘Eye Spy’ challenge I received no extra season point from it. I checked and it does reward 1 point and I did not previously have it. I also completed the challenge ‘From the Beginning’ which also was suppose to reward me. Again I received no point from it. Also not that it matters but I didn’t do the challenges in that order. But yeah. I’m kinda salty because a glitch is preventing me from getting this armor and there’s only 8 hours left to get it. Does anyone have solutions? I already tried restarting the game then restarting my console.

Try playing another game of matchmaking or even boot up a quick custom match. You still have 2 hours, before it refreshes. I’ve noticed campaign challenges always require another game to award their XP/SP.

Forza and from the beginning bith bugged on me also sucks. Luckily I had orion unlocked and was just saving up for mirage later on